Steven’s Untitled Rock Show

Stevens_300dpilogo_flat Rock and roll TV is a tough thing to do right but at least Fuse TV is trying and this show to me looks quite interesting. “Steven’s Untitled Rock Show” is hosted by VJ Steven and is a show where he “gets the chance to expose new and potentially influential artists that are bubbling under and over in the worlds of indie, punk and emo.” Catch “Steven’s Untitled Rock Show” weekdays at 4pm ET and 9pm ET on Fuse. Sounds like it could be fun. Check it out and see if you can spot the next “Simple Plan” (which is my son’s new favourite band by the way). Beats “American Idol!”


  1. Hey Steven! I’m a huge My Chemical Romance fan. I hear they just did the video for “Ghost of You”. Any idea when it’ll be coming out? It’s tearing me up inside. And if you see him, tell Frank he’s my number one hero. Thanks!

  2. Hey Steven, I absolutely LOVE your show! I watch it every day. So…do u possibly happen to know when My Chemical Romance is going to release The Ghost of You video? It is killing me knowing about this video but not seeing it! As soon as it is released, u have 2 show it! I will love u even more than I do now! N-E-Wayz, See u on tv 🙂

  3. Ahhh i cant believe you got avenged sevenfold on your show how awesome is that but the only bad part is I DIDNT GET TO SEE IT!! ahh cant you put it on again soon i realy really love a7x and i wanted to see it but i was gone!!! arg!!! btw i love you steven!!! your show rocks!! lol

  4. Hey Steven! I love your show and watch it all the time. It rocks! Do you have any clue when My Chemical Romance will release the video the Ghost of You? I’m a huge fan and saw a sneak preview of it while watching for them on the VMAs and it looks awsome. It’s killing me! You gotta show it as soon as they release it. Thanks n c ya on tv later!

  5. hey there mr. steven. i must say that you have possible the best show on fuse. it makes me smile- haha. it’s the only show that plays the kind of music i like… ever. honestly i can’t think of anyother show with good music. soooo- touche. haha- anyways… i would personally love to see a little boysnightout. they toured with senses fail when they first came out like 2 or 3 or 4 years ago. you should check them out- they own. later alligator

  6. Hey there lil Steven! I just wanted to thank everyone at Fuse for urging people to help out with the Hurricane Relief. I’m 16 and from Baton Rouge, LA and I volunteer every day at shelters and temporary hospitals after school and the people there need all the help they can get, every single penny counts. I see these people everyday and even though they’ve lost everything they owned, they sure as hell haven’t lost their spirit or their hope.

    Thank you so much,

  7. OMG Steven i love you so much!!!! your so HOTT and i love your show!…Especially when Good bands are on there like Green Day, All American Rejects and MCR!!!
    LOVE AmAnDa

  8. Yo Steven, Get Gerard Arthur Way in ur studio!!!I need to see the Vampires video. I LOVE GERARD AND MICHAEL JAMES WAY and Frakie was born on Halloween!!!!!!!

    MyChem is wicked!

  9. Yo Steven, Get Gerard Arthur Way in ur studio!!!I need to see the Vampires video. I LOVE GERARD AND MICHAEL JAMES WAY and Frankie was born on Halloween!!!!!!!

    MyChem is wicked!

  10. Heyy UR FLIPPEN AWESOME!!!!!!!omg i love ur show!!! i am tryin to get my mom to take me to an armor for sleep concert when r u gonna have them on ur show pleaseee have them soon cuz i am DYING to see them i L.O.V.E them soo much!!!

  11. gerard es lo maximo y tu music es demasiado chevere…… adoro todas tus canciones pera mas me gusta helena,puees es muy chevere yo creo q la muerte es tristeza para unos pero alegria para el q se muere. i love you my chemical romance:)

  12. Hey Steven i really love your show and watch it everyday unless im out or something! anyways u need to get My Chemical Romance boys on that show im like the hugest fan of theirs u have no idea! and if u cant get them all u NEED to get Gerard Way on it cause, hes my HERO and i love him off the hook and if u ever see him tell him he has a huge fan that loves him so much and would die for him! LOVE ya steve

  13. Hey Steven, will you have the Used or My Chemical Romance on oyu show sometime again? I really screamed when I heard Bert McCracken’s voice on the TV! Not a lot of people play them! Well, I’m getting my self too excited. You are so lucky to have met the Used and MCR! I Love You! xoxo, Jessica

  14. Steeven Can you get me on your show to meet the Used or MCR.You RRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. One more thing if you see Gerard tell him he is Hailey’s # 1 idol and though I might only be 11 every time i see a picture of him I have alot of respect for him.I too want to go to college for art. If you can also tell his ha=e is a great guy and tough we’re 17 years apart I love him and my dream is to meet MCR. Over and out.

  16. hey steven i love your show thats all i watch i love the music and they dont have here on radios it sucks but i love Blink 182 sad they broke up but i love all the music u play except gorillaz but rock on and stay ur self

  17. Hey there friend! i really like the band Nightmare of You so thanks for giving them a spot on your show.I think it’s great how you get bands like Nightmare fo You, The Honorary Title,and Straylight Run spots on the show to get the news out about upcoming shows and albums.Your show really helps the upcoming artist in the indi music world to have a voice

  18. Steven is the sexiest thing on Fuse TV!!!!!!!!!!!!! He plays awesome music (encluding my favorites Avenged Sevenfold and Fall Out Boy). Do you know if Steven has a girlfriend? Steven Smith you sexy thing marry me!!
    <3 always and forever Kayla

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