Stones Fans Rejoice!

If you are tired of awaiting for all that unreleased Rolling Stones bounty you know is sitting in the vaults then you have to check out the incredible Alt Stones Collection. 5CDs for 25 bucks! The tracks included are a great combination of unreleased outtakes, B sides and alternate versions of some great Stones material. Everything from “Did Everybody Pay Their Dues” (which was an early version of “Street Fighting Man”) to “Stewed and Keefed” to the infamous “Cocksucker Blues” and “Claudine” to “Fiji Jim”, there is something for every true Stones fanatic in great sound quality to boot. Excellent stuff and a true treat. What I want to know is “why the hell hasn’t more of this stuff been released commercially?”
UPDATE I have just been informed that the e-mail address listed on this site is not working. As I myself would like to order a copy of this CD set I am trying to find an alternate e-mail address and will post it ASAP.

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  1. All my emails requesting ordering information from this site are bouncing. Any help obtaining this set would be appreciated.


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