Submitting your music to The Rock and Roll Report

As I start preparing for the Rock and Roll Report Podcast in earnest, I thought that now was a good time to mention the various ways of submitting your music to The Rock and Roll Report.

The Rock and Roll Report covers all the flavours of rock and roll put out by all of the multitude of small, independent and DIY record labels around the world in an effort to prove to fans of rock and roll that they can get their rock fix without having to put up with the endless repetitive music played on commercial rock radio. Whether it be punk, hard rock, metal, glam, garage, power pop, psychedelia or one of the dozens of other “rock” genres that have escaped me at the moment, they all have a home on The Rock and Roll Report. From the website to Rock and Roll Report Radio to the upcoming podcast that will debut at the end of September, I want to play as much of this stuff as humanly possible because it is all so good.

If you are in a band or represent a record label you can submit music in a number of ways.


The preferred format to submit your music to The Rock and Roll Report is by Sonicbids. Sonicbids is the standard way for music industry professionals to send and receive press kits online. It is also a very effective and efficient way for you to send me your music and for me to review it. The nice thing about Sonicbids is that you are kept informed as to what is happening with your submission and it is especially nice to know that I have commited to review all Sonicbids submissions within 30 days of you sending them so you are guaranteed that your music will be heard. Click on the link to the left and get started!

Alternatively you can send me your bio and an MP3 to and I’ll have a listen. If you have a hard copy CD or DVD you want me to check out, contact me at the same address and I’ll tell you where to send it.

Finally, you can always contact me at the Rock and Roll Report’s MySpace page at I have been increasingly using MySpace to connect with bands and labels as well as fans and it is always great to hear from musicians and be able to instantly have a listen to a few of their tracks. You might even get buzzed!

So there you have it. There are multiple ways to submit music to The Rock and Roll Report and now as the lazy, hazy days of summer come to an end this is a perfect time to send me your stuff, especially as I am putting together my music database for the podcast.

Thanks for reading. Looking forward to listening to what you’ve got.

UPDATE! I changed the email address because of problems with my previous address. If you sent something to the contact emaill address please resend it to Sorry for the confusion!

UPDATE #2! If you want to email me some of your tracks that’s great but please TAG YOUR MUSIC! What usually happens is that I download the track to iTunes and it shows up as “Track 1” by “Un-named Artist” and it then gets lost in the mix, literally. The best thing you can do when submitting your MP3s to websites, podcasts etc. is to make sure your MP3 files are clearly tagged with the song name, band name, album, year, etc. You can do it in iTunes or in a multitude of free MP3 ID tagger programs that you can download off the Net. If you want your music heard then PLEASE make sure that it is tagged.