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Sugarlumps: A Psychedelic Selection of Groovy Movers and Sweet Freakbeat (Hard Soul Records)

Sugarlumps_1I have always been a big fan of psycedelic rock and roll so I was blown away when I recently had a chance to listen to the new psych compilation from Hard Soul Records called Sugarlumps. This is a fantastic compilation that combines some bona fide rarities like “Candlelight” by Grantchester Meadow and “Path Through the Forest” by The Factory with cool recent stuff like “Sapce Travel” by Soul Hooligan and “These Eyes” by Jarvis Humby. A fantastic CD to blare from the rooftops and sufficiently weird enough to confuse most clueless American Idol fans, Sugarlumps with it’s combining the old with the new is a great idea executed to perfection by a great indie record label. I can’t wait for volume two!