Jon Asher’s Top 10 Albums of 2010

(1) Baroness – Blue Record – This album is my top fave of the year because of the trip it takes you on. It’s one of those albums that requires you to sit back, relax and enjoy every moment of its musical awesomeness!

(2) Orchids Curse – Voices: The Tales of Broken Men – An album you must listen to from beginning to end. It’s a concept album that is just too good to be passed on. A must!

(3) Titans Eve – Divine Equal – I came across this album by traveling a few thousand kilometers and hanging out with the band at Noctis Fest in Calgary. It has catchy tunes and is extremely memorable. The best car CD of the year for me! ‘Becoming The Demon’ and ‘Judgment’ are infectious.

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Alexisonfire’s George Pettit talks curses, self-scrutiny, why Cancer Bats should tour less and shows off his best East Coast Canadian accent

For nearly a decade, Alexisonfire has been a testament to just how great Canadian music can really be. The Juno-nominated band has been impressing audiences and gaining critical acclaim ever since its debut, self-titled album went gold. Two platinum records followed and the band’s latest full-length, 2009’s Old Crows/Young Cardinals, was the fourth gold certification for Alexisonfire. Clearly, they’re not going anywhere any time soon and on November 2 they surprised fans with a four-track EP, Dog’s Blood, which introduced a whole new side of Alexisonfire to the world. A Canadian tour followed the release and vocalist George Pettit sat down with me backstage at Montreal’s Metropolis to talk curses, self-scrutiny, why Cancer Bats should tour less and even took the time to show off his best East Coast Canadian accent.

Q: You’re just finishing up your Canadian tour, how did the road treat you?

A: It was nice and cold, as it usually is at this time of year across Canada, but the shows have been fantastic.

Q: So nothing too out of the ordinary happened?