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CD Review: Auradrone “Bleeding Edge”

                                                                                                                             Auradrone’s new album, Bleeding Edge, has a darker sounding edge than their first album. The title fits their sound–being ahead of the curve, that is. Auradrone consists of Jon Mack, lead singer, guitar, electronics; Fred Traverso and Christopher Fudurich, electronics. Their sound is very reminiscent of Mew, Muse, The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, and the list goes on. Auradrone recently gave me a sneak peak of the new album.

            “Starseed” is a very interesting track. The moment the music begins, I imagine leaving the Earth and beginning a celestial journey in search of the place I came from…. The sensual overtones in the lyrics almost feel like almost like a cosmic dance between two celestial bodies, attracted to each other, dancing a cosmic dance in the heavens. The sensual voice of Jon Mack and the celestial sounds make this song worth listening to.


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Auradrone’s Jon Mack on meditation, sci-fi, the band’s new album and acting

Electro-rock band Auradrone has been in the music scene for a few years. Their debut album, Whitelite Britelite, was released in 2009 and ever since then, Auradrone has been growing in popularity. Later this year, their sophomore album, Bleeding Edge, will be released. Jon Mack, lead singer of Auradrone, took time from her busy schedule to grant R&RR an interview.

Q:Where does the name Auradrone come from and what does it mean?

A: The name came to me as sort of a flash of insight one day. It’s a combination of the word “aura,” like the human energy field, and the word “drone,” which is a continuous tone.? I realized later that together these relate the concept of sympathetic resonance.