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CD Review: Ingram Hill “Blue Room Afternoon”

Fresh off the heels of last year’s magnificent record, “Look Your Best” (see review here ), Memphis pop rock stars Ingram Hill are back with acoustic renditions of some of their finest work. The collection is called Blue Room Afternoon and will be available exclusively on iTUNES June 21, 2011, courtesy of Rock Ridge Music. The new record, which consists of a dozen tunes, was produced by lead vocalist/guitarist Justin Moore with the goal to have that “living room concert” feel. The set is more expansive than their unplugged EP from 2005 (also on iTUNES).

“We had always discussed releasing an acoustic album,” says Moore, “but for whatever reason had never done it. It was kind of strange recording older songs all over again, but it was fun to be able to approach them differently, and try a few new things with them, which totally gave a fresh feel to songs we’ve played thousands of times. It’s almost a look into what songs sound like when we first wrote them, without all the bells and whistles of a full production record. We’re excited about the album, and we can’t wait for our fans to hear our songs in a fashion that is not normally available to them.”