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Rock and Roll Report Podcast #63: More Loud Rock Fun and a Tribute to Greg Shaw

PigshitOctober16This week on the Rock and Roll Report Podcast I again play music from bands that have yet to be played on the show. I don’t know why I make a big deal of this all the time as there are so many amazing bands that I should never technically repeat but let this be a lesson to you all that rock and roll is far from dead but living and breathing under your very own collective noses!

On this week’s show I also play some tracks from Bomp Records’ excellent tribute to the late great Greg Shaw CD He Put the Bomp in Bomp: Greg Shaw as I wax nostalgic a bit on the passing of the legendary founding of Mojo Navigator Rock and Roll News, Bomp! magazine, Bomp! Records and too numerous articles, liner notes and production credits to his name. Greg Shaw inspired directly or indirectly every one of us who started a fanzine or website or blog or podcast dedicated to rock and roll and it was fun playing some of these songs in tribute to the man who I consider an important influence on my rock and roll upbringing.

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Gary Pig Gold wonders WHO PUT THE BOMP? Why, GREG SHAW, Of Course!

PigshitOctober16Personally speaking, I can solidly claim that the very first record ever released on the Bomp! label, the Flamin’ Groovies’ 1974 seven-incher “You Tore Me Down,” actually caused the sonic earth to move beneath me in ways matched only by, I kid you not, you-know-who on The Ed Sullivan Show, my first discovery of Elvis’ Sun sessions, and my pal John’s bringing the first Ramones record home to our innocent little Canadian turntables via the Bowery, very very late one long-lost Friday ago.

Yessir, that little Groovies record, and the joyous singles (and albums) (and magazines) Bomp faithfully sent my way throughout the Ford and Carter administrations – while those less fortunate amongst us were stuck listening to the Cars and pondering the fate of J.R., just to put things in their improper hysterical perspective – duly inspired this here Rock and Roll Report-er to start my own fanzine. Then my own band. Then even my own record label! You could say, then, that “You Tore Me Down” single-in-handedly spared me from a life of University study and squarely set me down the road to where I type today.

And then, when Bomp founder / mastermind / domo-major Greg Shaw Himself actually blew my way in early 1978, his raw, unbridled enthusiasm instantly swept aloft all of us riding the then-new Toronto punk wave, in turn inspiring such things as, oh, off the top of my once-buzz-cut scalp, Teenage Head (the band), SCTV (the television show), and possibly even Maggie and Ronnie (the weekend that almost brought down a Canadian Prime Minister, via that guy in the once-Rolling Stones).

So! Just who was this Greg Shaw fella then, you might well be asking?