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Stone Cold Fiction EP review plus interview

This band who I am highlighting for you here are very new to the unsigned rock scene, coming into formation in early 2014 and they are already making waves in the unsigned rock scene. They are based in between Bath and Bristol in the UK and go by the name of Stone Cold Fiction. At present, finding links for you to check their sound out from is a little difficult but fear not this will soon change.

Stone Cold Fiction are set to release their first EP on the 17th of October. I have been lucky enough to check this out via a private streaming link and believe me, this release rocks out loud and proud in every respect.

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CD Review: Tango Pirates and Friends “In Transition”

For a lot of people, not currently having a functioning band around them would be reason enough to put off recording an EP. Not Danny Fury. As the then-current line up of Tango Pirates ceased to become viable as a working band, he pulled the remains into the studio, called in a few favours and got to work. The result is the aptly named In Transition.

The first thing that strikes you is the records line up, an ensemble cast that is nothing short of a who’s who of sleaze rock past and present, an after dark, underground, super group…if you can imagine such a thing. With Danny fulfilling the front and back roles of vocals and drums and the rhythm section completed by Vera Wild and Dave Tregunna, it is the revolving door of guitarists including Luca Commencini of Spizz Energy, Marc Oliver of Plastic Heroes and Jelly’s Mickey Howard – that show Danny’s credentials, most bands would kill to have just one of these guesting on their record.

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CD Review: Nasty Little Lonely “Bad Jack and Other Stories”

My review pile is a wonderfully chaotic place, a real juxtaposition of styles that tumble at random from the “to do” list onto the stereo for further consideration. So after a morning of trying to find new ways of making melancholic and pastoral singer song-writers minor key creations sound like more than the sum of their ponderous parts, it was with a squeal of delight that I was greeted by the latest Nasty Little Lonely e.p. of Bad Jack and Other Stories that had finally made its way to the top.

Nasty Little Lonely are an awesome live experience and thankfully a lot of the energy and attitude that they bring to the stage is evident in this four-track collection. To experience their music is to meander between hard and jagged genres, cold metallic industrial noise and dark gothic, reverb drenched, post punk grit. The often affected vocals add to the demonic-dream dimension that the band seem to spring from, sounding more like a band that Clive Barker had imagined than a collection of actual human musicians. And surprisingly enough for all the extreme musical measures resorted to when creating this unique sound; they still end up with something rather, well, tuneful. If a slice of howling, squalling, insane and possessed industrial noise is the sort of thing that floats your boat, if warped horror soundtracks and spikey, uncomfortable musical salvos are your thing, then Nasty Little Lonely are your very own one-stop shop of horrors.

You can listen to, as well as purchase, Bad Jack and Other Stories HERE. You may also like to view the latest video of a new Nasty Little Lonely track right HERE.

This was written by TheNightWriter and posted by Intensely Nick

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The Transpersonals

9d4da3d1ecb315c8b43be5f90a1165c3.wix_mp_1024If you’re a fan of 60’s influenced psychedelic and garagey music, look no further than Bristol based band The Transpersonals.

This unique and talented 3 piece manage to blend retro jam band influences with a thoroughly modern lyrical sensibility. Their songs reference recent popular culture and politics sprinkled over eastern-tinged rocking tunes. The band admit to preferring the environment of the studio and the experimentation this allows them to performing live; consequently their gigs are a bit of a rare treat.

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Nasty Little Lonely (formerly Rock In Your Pocket)

The good city of Bristol and the whole South West region in the UK has a thriving music scene, the city of Bristol is packed with so many good music venues covering all styles and genres. And then there are the bands. One band band called Rock In Your Pocket was formed in Bristol back in 2009 and they caught my attention very quickly when I found their initial two songs ‘Ugly Face Of Rage’ and ‘Le Son De L’argent (Dirty Hands)’ online. Both of these songs have such a strong fusion of styles which entrapped my enthusiasm for this band. ‘Ugly Face Of Rage’ gels to form a plastic/elastic explosively punked up song. ‘Dirty Hands’ has also been used on the band’s debut album Gutterdub. Nasty Little Lonely are beyond pigeonholing into any specific genre or comparison but they are erogenously eclectic as they mix the power of punk and grunge into a flux with a dash of dub and a light spicing of guitar psychedelia.

Nasty Little Lonely

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The Dosadi Experiment

The Dosadi Experiment formed in March of this year. The band started with just two members: Merry and Paul.

“Hey, how about forming a rock band?” Paul asked. They had often talked of being in a band together.

“Sure”, came the reply, “but there are only two of us…” Paul showed a defiant look and shrugged.

“Well so what, we can kick it out, let’s just do it, and let’s play whatever the hell we want.”

And that was it, we began trying out styles, kicking out riffs and hammering some songs together. Once things had gotten rolling we started looking for a bassist. That’s when John sauntered onto the scene, from the first moment we realised we were onto a winner, and our music began to take depth and evolve. It didn’t take us long before we were playing our first gig.

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Jump onto the Officer Kicks bandwagon: “It’s the bestest and funnest wagon out there!”

Back in late October 2009, I was invited to a gig at Fiddlers in Bristol, UK to see Officer Kicks play live (thank you to the Artful/Music Tourist Board and Rocklands Management for the invite!) and I have to say that this band won my heart as soon as the set started: they just simply engaged and excited all my senses immediately.

Officer Kicks have a brightly brash, yet bright, tight and dynamic sound that is raw and pure rock n’ roll. Keith Wickham on drums and Michael Skorjanec on bass punch out a nice, tight, deep driving back beat, and Jamie Fisher on guitar puts a sweet icing over the rhythms with his characteristic guitar style. Jamie Scallion works like a true showman on vocals, and his stage movements as he loses himself to the music add so much to the show! Credit is truly due all around as Officer Kicks put on a great show and are natural rocking entertainers.

The band’s debut album, The Six Grand Plot, is a cracking collection of twelve great tunes, which kicks off with “Pictures Of Me” and really sets things going with a jump-start. A basic, but catchy bass line grabs you and as the drums follow suit, the vocals and guitar swing in. “Nip and Tuck” follows on with less of a swing, but more vocal harmonies and is again a catchy, jumping little number. “Love After Death” is a song with rocking reminiscence (lighters in the air for this!) and is a great showpiece for the powerful gentility that Officer Kicks can lay down so well. “Dog Day Rush” gets you singing your head off as it powers along and Jamie Fishers characteristic guitar style really stands out on this short, but sweet track. The remaining tracks offer much of the same greatness.