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Alcoholic Faith Mission talks new members, new tunes, Denmark and why the band is training to become cage fighters (?!)

Want to know one of the best things about one of Toronto’s biggest annual music festivals? Well, CMW, which stands for Canadian Music Week (for those who may not know), is not (thankfully!) all Canadian at all. Instead, CMW seems to agree with a fact I have always found to be true – international artists add wonderful diversity and truly help mix up the musical flavors at festivals. During CMW 2011, one such standout band was Copenhagen’s Alcoholic Faith Mission. Releasing a new EP, The Running With Insanity EP, on March 29th, the band has been busy charming North American audiences throughout the month of March and during their stop in Toronto, Morten Hyldahl took time to speak to me about new members, new tunes, Denmark and why the band is training to become cage fighters (?!).

Q: The Running With Insanity EP is coming out March 29, what should fans expect? Any surprises?

A: We’re very excited about it. Once again, we try to change the style a bit, so this time the fans can expect more vocals, more acoustics, percussion and a bit more lyrical bite. But it is only an EP, mind you, and just a taste of what will come in the fall.


Forget Slash, CMW offered a more memorable moment: The realization that our music industry is screwed

Hey there, sports fans! I haven’t written in what seems like forever and it feels good to be pounding a keyboard instead of a drum kit for a change. I’ve basically been hibernating lately, isolated from the rest of the world, trying to get an EP done with my band. Every so often though, the lure of something like one of Canada’s biggest music industry events can get even my lazy ass out of the studio. All to get shit-faced with some really cool people and then write about all my adventures. I’ve actually tried a half dozen times now to put together an interesting piece of writing, detailing the highlights of CMW like I did last year, which mostly entails a four day industry schmooze-fest and a heavy drinking binge. On my last attempt, I gave up around 2000 monotonous words and realized that a typical overview of my CMW experience would simply be futile this year. Instead, I’m going to rant about a few things and hope I don’t get blacklisted next year.

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Drinking With Gene Simmons – My Adventures at Canadian Music Week

(We would like to welcome musician, publicist and writer Dave Chinner to the Rock and Roll Report team as our new Toronto-based correspondent. And what better way to start things off then throwing him into the midst of the colossal Canadian Music Week and see what gives!)

Ok, maybe the title is a bit of a stretch… Ok it’s a huge stretch, considering Gene doesn’t even drink, and even if he did, he probably wouldn’t drink with the likes of me. But I decided to roll with it, since I needed a smoking headline for this, my first Rock and Roll Report piece, and I personally think its way more catchy then say…. “Drinking in the same hotel as Gene Simmons sort of…..”

Now I find myself sitting in front of my laptop for the last hour, as the Canadian Music Week dust settles, trying to decide which piece of wisdom to share with the RRR world. In the last week, I’ve done everything from appearances on reggae radio, to 3am Chinese food with CTV comics, to award shows including the Indies and Canadian Radio Music Awards. I’ve met everyone from Dave Foley from The Kids in the Hall, to bassist Tommy Mac of Hedley (honorable mention to Gene of course). The week was a whirlwind of activity, and everywhere I went could have likely produced enough “wow factor” to justify an article, but what I found most strange, is that no one thing really blew my mind. There’s a significant possibility that I’m just an asshole, and I’m certainly not implying that there was nothing good to see. I just think, it’s silly when the biggest star of the week, is such that would encourage forty-something’s with mullets to paint their faces and head to the Royal York Hotel. Nothing against KISS or their fans, but let’s face it, nobody can hog a spotlight like Mr. Gene Simmons, and for a festival showcasing 45 venues, I would have liked to see more media attention given to the independent artists who desperately need it. So rather then writing yet another “OMG Gene Simmons” piece, I’m going get real with you here, and share with you some of my observations as a writer, publicist and musician.


Nominations Now Open For 9th Annual “The Indies”

(PRESS RELEASE) Nominations for the 9th Annual Canadian Independent Music Awards – “The Indies” – are now being accepted. Presented by Canadian Music Week, “The Indies” acknowledge, promote and honour achievements of Canadian and international artists in the independent music sector.

Submissions are now being accepted exclusively through Sonicbids at until December 1, 2008. Artists who submit before November 15th will receive discounted submission package rates.