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Show Review: Bat Sabbath @ Les Foufounes Electriques, Montreal

In the case of some music fans, the word ‘cover’ may elicit any one of a number of negative reactions. Well, it’s time to change all that.

If you fall into this category (and you know who you are) let me assuredly tell you that Bat Sabbath has the power to change your mind and make you a believer in the magic of covers. If you don’t fall into the above-mentioned category, let me still tell you that Bat Sabbath can make you a believer in the magic of covers.

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Alexisonfire’s George Pettit talks curses, self-scrutiny, why Cancer Bats should tour less and shows off his best East Coast Canadian accent

For nearly a decade, Alexisonfire has been a testament to just how great Canadian music can really be. The Juno-nominated band has been impressing audiences and gaining critical acclaim ever since its debut, self-titled album went gold. Two platinum records followed and the band’s latest full-length, 2009’s Old Crows/Young Cardinals, was the fourth gold certification for Alexisonfire. Clearly, they’re not going anywhere any time soon and on November 2 they surprised fans with a four-track EP, Dog’s Blood, which introduced a whole new side of Alexisonfire to the world. A Canadian tour followed the release and vocalist George Pettit sat down with me backstage at Montreal’s Metropolis to talk curses, self-scrutiny, why Cancer Bats should tour less and even took the time to show off his best East Coast Canadian accent.

Q: You’re just finishing up your Canadian tour, how did the road treat you?

A: It was nice and cold, as it usually is at this time of year across Canada, but the shows have been fantastic.

Q: So nothing too out of the ordinary happened?

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Cancer Bats’ Mike Peters on endless touring, being called ‘unlistenable noise’ and who the band really is

Toronto’s Cancer Bats really are a national treasure. They’re like maple syrup, or beavers, or Tim Hortons just, you know, more musically inclined and way cooler. The masters of punk/metal fusion released their third studio album this past April – Bears, Mayors, Scraps & Bones – and will be re-releasing it on November 9 with a bonus disc called ‘Live in London.’ Drummer Mike Peters took some time post-soundcheck in Montreal to talk to an extremely stoked yours truly about the road, the real meaning behind the album’s intriguing title, who Cancer Bats are and being called ‘unlistenable noise’ (really).

Q: I’ve been following you guys on twitter and am curious about the tweet claiming that the last show in Red Deer, Alberta was the best ever – can you elaborate on what merited it that status?

A: Didn’t the tweet have something to say about, you know, it’s a good show when there are piles of puke and empty beer cans in the parking lot? Red Deer has always been an amazing show and it works out, for some reason, that whenever we play Red Deer it’s always someone’s birthday … So it’s always a funny mix of all the fans who are stoked to see us and then all the birthday person’s drunken friends, but it’s always someone who’s close to the band in some aspect [like a friend of the promoter or the venue’s bartender.] It’s always advertised more as a birthday party that we’re playing [laughs]. It just makes it super fun, people go crazy and they’re like the most wasted, craziest crowd.

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Rock and Roll Report TV: Cancer Bats – Lucifer’s Rocking Chair

Cancer Bats – “Lucifer’s Rocking Chair”, official music video, from the album, ‘Hail Destroyer’, in stores and online now!