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CD Review: Chapell “Soul Man”

Singer-songwriter Alan Chapell started out learning how to become a musician by spending some time in New York. And then he took off for international lands. While in place like Mumbai and India, Chapell allowed many different things to influence his writing. While overseas, Chapell started writing commercials and jingles as a way of making money. And while that wasn’t the same as making his own music, that did help Chapell stretch as a writer.

Eventually, Alan Chapell moved back to the United States. Soon, Alan Chapell was creating his own music and recording his own music. The resulting singer-songwriter’s music combines elements of Rock and Roll with some elements of Pop music. Eventually, Chapell would create his first release entitled The Redhead’s Allegations. That eleven-song album has been followed up by Chapell’s newest release, a four-song EP called Soul Man.

Alan Chapell (who simply goes by his last name of Chapell) begins his Soul Man release with the titled track of the EP. “Soul Man” begins with slow pace to the music and a rather laidback delivery in the track. The song features a combination of both the keyboard and guitar blending together to create a track that contains a definite Pop feel to the music of the track. The easy pace of the tempo adds to the Pop quality of the track. Along with the easy feel of the tempo, the lyrics to the track about a man who decides to live from one moment to the next instead of trying to live up to a woman’s expectations. The lyrics to the track are delivered with a certain amount of gentleness that goes along with the gentle pace of the music.

The release of Soul Man continues with the song “My Baby Loves Me Now”. Where the previous track contained a Pop feel to the music, “My Baby Loves Me Now” takes the feel of the music back into the eighties. The inclusion of the keyboards on the track give the song a musical approach that would have fit in well with the likes of Spandau Ballet, Simply Red and maybe even early OMD. The track contains a certain amount of Pop quality to the music with some New Wave elements, as well. The track begins with a low-key delivery and slowly builds over the course of the four minute-playtime. By the end of the track, the song is filled up with a full orchestration and a choir that helps to add fullness to the chorus of the song. The track has a definite commercial radio potential to it and could easily be single off the release.

Soul Man from Chapell continues with the track “Watercolors”. With this track, the singer-songwriter steps it up a notch and adds a lot more energy to the music. The first two tracks of the release contained a Pop quality with a gentleness to it. With “Watercolors,” the feel of the music takes on a much stronger pace and sound. While still containing a definite Pop-like quality in the music, the track now contains a sound that feels like a combination between Elton John and Phil Collins’ solo material. Where the previous songs contained an eighties feel to the music, “Watercolors” would easily have fit in on Adult Contemporary radio formats in the nineties. And just like “My Baby Loves Me Now” before it, “Watercolors” has a definite “single” potential.

Chapell’s Soul Man release comes to a close with the track “She’s On Fire”. With this track, the music is pumped up a little bit more. The track contains a strong Pop sound with an equally strong Soul influence to it that comes from the inclusion of things like horns. The Pop/Soul combination in the music ends up creating a track that feels both retro and fresh at the same time. “She’s On Fire” is yet another track within the short four-song EP from Chapell that could find its way onto the radio.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many tracks a release has or how short the release’s playtime. What is important is the strength of the music that is included on that release. Throughout the four songs by Chapell on his Soul Man release, there is at least two, maybe even three tracks that should be played on the radio. There is most definitely a commercial potential for this EP. With this four-song EP being as solid as it is, the listener definitely gets their money’s worth.

Soul Man from Alan Chapell is not yet available. The EP will officially be released sometime early in 2018. As such, very little is available to promote the EP. However, there is a live version of the song “The Soul Man,” the title track of the upcoming release. For more information and to keep up to date with the release of the EP, check out Chapell’s Facebook profile

For more information, check out Chapell’s PR Firm, Whiplash PR.