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Review: Rocket From The Tombs “I Sell Soul” b/w “Romeo & Juliet”

Although English groups were first to create punk music, it really took off in a big way when American bands started to add their own influences into the style. One band that was very influential was the Cleveland band known as Rocket From The Tombs (not to be confused with the much later band with the very similar moniker of Rocket From The Crypt).

Rocket From The Tombs came together in the mid-seventies to create a new sound, a new feel to the music. And while the original version of the band was short-lived, the musical collective gave birth to two better-known, more popular bands by the names of Pere Ubu and The Dead Boys, bands whose influences on punk are unmistakable. Pere Ubu’s The Modern Dance and The Dead Boys’ Young, Loud and Snotty are still classic albums in punk.


Intense Nick Checks Out Batusis

I have just picked up some exciting news about this new rocking project which will very shortly hit the streets worldwide. It is the brainchild of SYLVAIN SYLVAIN (NEW YORK DOLLS) and CHEETAH CHROME (ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS / DEAD BOYS). The EP which will soon be released EP also features Enzo Penizzotto (bass) and Thommy Price (drums) – the driving rhythm section for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. What a line up, this is one hell of a rock’n’roll supergroup oozing with class, style and drive. These accomplished rockers really know how to throw a great sound together, oozing with good ‘ol tongue in cheek ‘bad to the bone’ punk style. If this don’t get your motor running then nothing will, check out the samples at the Batusis page and better still get your own copy from Smog Veil records.

Batusis features Sylvain’s salacious, piano-spiced workout ‘What You Lack in Brains’. Cheetah’s ferocious, righteously dark ‘Bury You Alive’ and the barreling instrumental ‘Big Cat Stomp’ and also a cover of ‘Blues Theme’, originally performed by Davie Allan and the Arrows for Roger Corman’s 1966 biker flick The Wild Angels, starring Peter Fonda (whose character, Heavenly Blues, lends the song its main title).

It was during playback of the latter track that the band found its name. The band toyed with a great many different names until they were listening back to ‘Blues’ Theme’ and Sylvain started doing this dance where he drew his fingers across his eyes. Cheetah asked him ‘what is that?’ and Sylvain said, ‘It’s the dance Batman does!’ The next thing you know, Cheetah gets his laptop out and starts to Google it and then tells me the dance is called the Batusi. Need I say more!