You’re banned! Your night is over! NXNE serves up good (and interesting) times with music and BBQs

Earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to (yet again) participate in the NXNE music fest in Toronto, ON and check out some fresh musical talent to treat my ears to.

Unfortunately (and this is the key word in my blurb) I got distracted by BBQs and parties this year and didn’t really have the chance to hear many new sounds.

I only had two days for NXNE. Arriving on the Friday, I already knew what I had planned for that night. I know the guys from St. Joe’s Mission and saw on the schedule that they were playing Hard Luck that night, so I thought I’d surprise them. This hard rock/funk band is never a disappointment, always putting on a great show. I know their album by heart and was a bit disappointed with not hearing my favorite track, “The Reins,” live but meh, what can you do? They mostly performed some new tunes and it was really enjoyable.