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CD Review: Jesse Terry “Empty Seat on a Plane”

Take a little bit of Jackson Browne, James Taylor and Paul Simon and you get some idea of what singer-songwriter Jesse Terry sounds like. The folk/pop music that Jesse Terry creates feels right at home when played alongside the music of any of the aforementioned musicians. After garnering some well-deserved attention for his music including winning the Grand Prize for the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, Jesse Terry has taken more of his music and created his newest album entitled Empty Seat on a Plane.

In order to bring his music to life, Jesse Terry assembled a band that includes the multi-talented Neilson Hubbard, guitarist Kris Donegan, Pianist Danny Mitchell, drummer Evan Hutchings, singer Hannah Miller who added harmonies to the songs on the album, and Eamon McLoughlin and David Henry who added strings. Together with Jim DeMain who mastered the album, the aforementioned musicians helped Empty Seat on a Plane by Jesse Terry to be a solid listening experience.

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CD Review: Bill Toms “Memphis”

During his time as a musician, Bill Toms experienced a lot, including working with the one and only Bruce Springsteen. It was “The Boss” who helped produce an album for Toms’ former band, The Houserockers. As a solo artist, Bill Toms has been making a name for himself, thanks in part to his 2010 album, Live at Moondogs: Another Moonlight Mystery.

Bill Toms recently travelled from his home in Pittsburgh to Nashville to put the finishing touches on a new release. That album, 2011’s Memphis, is a solid effort and is varied enough to keep the listener anticipating the next track thanks to the creative energy that flows through the tracks that make up the album.