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CD Review: Silvermouse “Earthadelik”

Silvermouse is the moniker for an electronic music duo. The musical duo now based in Puerto Rico consists of: electronic music producer Joanne Hunt (who goes by the stage name of Miss Jojo) and multi-instrumentalist Justin Handley (whose musical arsenal includes guitar, violin, mandolin, flute, ukulele and traditional Puerto Rican 3-string ‘cigar box’ guitar). Together, the two musical artists create one concept that blends together her electronic sounds and his organic sounds that results in a style referred to as “Livetronica,” music that is both psychedelic and improvisational at the same time. Having already released three previous albums, the duo has just put out their latest release entitled Earthadelik.

Earthadelik from Silvermouse begins with the track “New Moon”. The track begins with Joanne Hunt creating an electronic musical passage that sounds like a rather musical heartbeat, repeating the way a heart does but with a lot more melody. A rhythmic pattern creates a drumbeat to establish the beat of the song. Add in some electronic noise, and the track begins to take shape. Eventually, the track builds to include guitars in the background as well as different forms of percussion to add layers to the music. What results is a track with plenty of energy and a virtual swirling effect to the music, as if the music is all around the listener. The lack of a bassline keeps the track light, regardless of how many layers are part of the track. With the energy given off by the music, you can imagine dancing to the track in the middle of a music festival.

The duo continues their new release of Earthadelik with one track that seems to perfectly define just what is meant by the term “Earthadelik”. Featuring electronic music much like the previous track, the track “Existence Experience” also contains an Eastern Indian feel to the music, while still containing a definite psychedelic feel. Like most dance tracks of the Techno, Trance, Happy Hardcore variety, the track begins with a very soft feel to the music before it gains energy. That soft approach to the music contains a mandolin being played in the background, adding that mystical and exotic feel to the track. The track builds as light electronic percussion is added. “Existence Experience” is one track on the new album from Silvermouse that feels rather spiritual in nature, as if the track could add ambiance to meditation or prayer if it wasn’t for the dance beat that is such a big part of it.

Silvermouse brings a little Rock and Roll flavor to their music on the track “Down”. Like the previous tracks, the song begins with strong electronic music created by Joanne Hunt. While the music itself has that electronic vibe, the rhythm to the song contains a slight Latin feel to it. That Latin vibe is added to with the addition of the ukulele from Justin Handley. The Alternative Rock and the ukulele give the dance track a slight influence from the likes of Santana. But with the addition of transformers in the electronic portion of the track, the dance feel of the track is enhanced. You can easily imagine this track being featured in an Electronic Dance Music Club Night at your local dance club.

While the previous tracks on the release of Earthadelik find the music beginning with Joanne Hunt and her electronic music only to have Justin Handley join her after a few measures, the next track called “Little Ratty” is one song on the release where Hunt and Handley seem to create the track together from the very beginning of the song, after two or three bars of music. The music begins with a pulsing feel to the electronic portion of the song when a electric violin joins in seconds later. The electronic music creates a swirling musical bed for Handley’s violin while that guitar contains a strong amount of reverb. Together, the two musicians begin the track with an Alternative Rock approach to the song. A strong drumbeat is added and the various elements combine to create a track with a strong Gothic Industrial feel.

One of the tracks on the Earthadelik album from Silvermouse that is being featured is the song “Beef in D Minor”. Much like the composition from Johann Sebastian Bach entitled “Toccata and Fugue in D minor,” “Beef in D Minor” begins with the sound of church organ. But in this case, much like the electric violin from Justin Handley on “Little Ratty,” the organ’s sound has been treated. The treated organ’s sound is matched up with a guitar that also has some production quality to it. Together, the two instruments feature a sound that feels very psychedelic in nature. This creates a sound that would have fit in with other music from the sixties. As the song progresses, the sixties vibe dissipates and more of a dance feel replaces it. All of this happens while the guitar and organ seem to have been placed into a loop that repeats over and over. The music eventually morphs as it moves along and a funky groove is produced.

After nine tracks of various musical elements with a dance approach to them, the new release of Earthadelik from Silvermouse comes to a close with the track “Spores in My Dermis”. One definition to the word music is “Organized Noise”. That easily describes the musical approach for “Spores in My Dermis”. As the track begins, various elements play out with no rhyme or reason…or so it seems. Elements build on top of each other and the track swells until the various elements finally come together to form a track with easily the slowest pace and most relaxed feel to the music. And where the previous tracks contain a straight-out danceable feel to the music, the music on “Spores in My Dermis” comes across as much more experimental than anything else. The most unusual track on the release brings Earthadelik from Silvermouse to a close.

Earthadelik from Silvermouse is a release that will most likely be a hit with fans of electronic music. However, the various other elements that swirl around in the release and add to the quality of the music may also bring fans of those styles to the release.  

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For a taste of the music from Silvermouse, check out the track “Beef in D Minor”.

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CD Review: Lindsay Mac “Animal Again”

Lindsay Mac is a classically-trained cellist. After her training on that instrument, she took that ability and started creating her own music. And while it would have logical to imagine Mac creating albums based in classical music, she went in a different direction. The music Mac created was folk-rock based. With that folk-rock sound, Mac created a library of two releases that included 2008’s Stop Thinking. On that album, Lindsay Mac created such tracks as “Barbies & Broncos” that featured a very rocking musical approach while still incorporating a little of the folk flavor that she was known for. On the track, Mac’s cello added a lot of texture to the energy of the music. The album also contained a more laidback musical approach as Mac covered the Beatles tune “Blackbird” which featured more folk flavor to the music than the original version. While going from the rocking sound of “Barbies & Broncos” to the more folk-like “Blackbird,” other styles are also included on the release and Stop Thinking ended up being a very eclectic release.
That was back in 2008. Since then, Lindsay Mac had not put out an album. In-between that album and today, Lindsay Mac has been incorporating a new style into her sound; that sound falls into the category of Electronic Dance Music. To help bring the EDM sound to life, Mac called upon fellow Berklee College of Music grad J Declan. Together, the two musicians created Mac’s newest release entitled Animal Again.