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CD Review: The Kavanaghs “Love Conquers Pain”

The Argentinean pop/rock band The Kavanaghs came together and started created music with a very apparent nod to the British Invasion; most importantly, their sound had a lot of The Beatles in it as an influence. A few years ago, the band took their British Invasion-influenced music and created their first album, 2009’s self-titled release.

Since that time, The Kavanaghs has changed slightly. While guitarist/ singer Ale Pin, lead guitarist Diego Vazquez and multi-instrumentalist Tiago Galindez still make up the majority of the band, Seba Cairo has replaced Julio Leidi on drums.

And while the makeup of the band has changed slightly, The Kavanaghs have done even more, as their sound has more substance than it did back in 2009. While their sound still has some flavor from the British Invasion of the 1960’s, they have incorporated a lot of the styling of music that has been created since that time as well. The new album from The Kavanaghs, Love Conquers Pain, brings their sound a lot closer to today’s radio formats and playlists.