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CD Review: Mark Nomad “9”

Massachusetts-based musician and songwriter Mark Nomad has had a long musical career creating Blues-Rock music. Starting out with the band Little Village, Nomad’s career has included being part of a very popular band before going out on his own as a solo artist. Within the time period in which Nomad has created his own music, he has amassed a total of nine releases. This includes his latest album of new material. The new release from Mark Nomad is entitled 9.

While the newest release from Mark Nomad is his ninth album, the release also consists of nine musical tracks. So the number “nine” is very much present on Nomad’s new release. Just like the other albums that have made up Mark Nomad’s discography, 9 consists of tracks that are largely influenced by the music of the Blues.

9 from Mark Nomad begins with the song “Shrine”. The track features a strong and steady beat that was created by the team of bassist Peter King and drummer Sturgis Cunningham. That strong, steady beat is the perfect musical bed for a Blues-Rock track. The result is a song that combines a Blues foundation with a guitar sound that may remind some of the style of Jimi Hendrix. The driving track of “Shrine” seems to have been written as a way to pay homage to some of the best musicians that have come and gone, to now live in music history. “Shrine’s” sound and the strength in its music help to lead off the 9 release in a very strong way.

For the song “It’s Time,” Mark Nomad changes musical directions in a big way. The main guitar for the track is a National Reso-Phonic played with a slide. The use of that guitar helps to create a solid Blues sound for the track. The song also features another strong beat created once again by bassist Peter King and drummer Sturgis Cunningham except for the fact that, instead of an electric bass, King has picked up the acoustic upright bass. That upright bass adds even more strength to the driving beat on the track. Like “Shrine” before it, “It’s Time” adds plenty of energy to the 9 release.

Joining up with drummer Dale Monette on the third track, Mark Nomad adds a lot more Rock and roll influence to the track “Give Your Love 2 Me”. In fact, the song is a lot closer to Rock and Roll than Blues. The track’s sound has basically a timeless feel to it and would fit into radio playlists from any of the last three decades.

Leaving behind the feel of the Blues for one track and taking his music in a completely acoustic direction, Nomad presents the track “Dadgad”. The acoustic track of “Dadgad” has a completely instrumental approach and is much closer to Jazz than Blues. The track features Nomad on an acoustic guitar as he creates a Jazz sound that includes just a little Middle Eastern flavor to it. To add even more body to the track, Nomad adds a lead acoustic guitar on top of the acoustic guitar that is creating the main feel of the music. Together, the two guitars work well together to create a track that sets itself apart from the rest of the album while also showing off the talent and versatility of Mark Nomad.

On the song “What’s A Man To Do?” the Blues feel of the music returns to Mark Nomad’s new release in a big way. The music of “What’s A Man To Do?” brings more than a little influence from the likes of someone like B.B. King while also incorporating the sound and feel of a horn section. The inclusion of the saxophone from Dave Trenholm adds a bit of energy to the music. The lyrics about a man having the blues while feeling like he’s on display for all to see as people laugh at him makes “What’s A Man To Do?” feel like a classic Blues tune. This is probably the strongest track on the entire release.

Although the majority of the tunes on 9 from Mark Nomad are original compositions, Nomad has included one cover tune to the album. On “Look Over Yonders Wall,” a track that was written by Elmore James. Nomad and the rest of the musicians combine to create a straight-out Blues track. But since the music of Mark Nomad is closer to Blues-Rock than plain Blues, the track takes the classic tune and gives it a lot more energy. Nomad’s version of this track recalls the energy and guitar playing of George Thorogood. “Look Over Yonders Wall” is another track that easily stands out on 9 from Mark Nomad.

The newest release from Mark Nomad comes to an end with the track “We Gotta Live Together”. This track was put together with a large amount of help from Jim Weeks who played most of the instruments and produced. The resulting track contains a strong Blues vibe with plenty of energy. But the song also contains a lot of beauty in the keyboards that help to add a nice balance to the energy contained within Nomad’s electric guitar. The final track of “We Gotta Live Together” ends up being one of the best tracks on the entire release.

9 from Mark Nomad once again show off the musician’s talent as both a songwriter and as a player. The tracks on the new release contain many different styles and sounds that keep the release nice and varied. With it being the ninth album in his discography, 9 from Mark Nomad shows that he is not slowly down.

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