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The Rock and Roll Report Band of the Week is Walter Mitty & The Realists

This week’s Band of the Week should be familiar to any of you who have been following my recent adventures at Indie Week in Toronto or for those of you who actually attended the event. The band is Walter Mitty & The Realists and they won the whole Indie Week shebang!


Mark My Words – A Look Back At Indie Week

OK now that the alcohol has seeped from my blood and I am semi-normal again, it is interesting to think back at what an incredible event Indie Week Toronto 2008 was.

First of all a big thank you, pat on the back, buy another round and well done to Darryl Hurs and his team for an amazing event. Everything certainly seemed to work like clockwork and we judges were treated exceptionally well (Hey Dawn and Tracy!).

With 80+ bands spread over approximately seven venues this was a live rock and roll lovers dream. All reasonably priced, the variety of bands was quite outstanding and to have to pronounce a winner at each venue at the end of the night was tough but necessary since somebody had to advance to Saturdays finals! The eventual winners of the whole thing were Walter Mitty and the Realists from Limerick, Ireland and they were without a doubt a mesmerizing band to watch live. I actually was talking to one judge who said that he was walking out of a club just as the band started playing and he literally turned around and marched back in to take in their whole set. Ya they were that good.

The really cool thing about this all was the enthusiasm the bands had for the audience and vice versa. It was a real live, sweaty and beer-soaked rock and roll love fest and that could only mean good things for those of us who refuse to go to those enormodome shows but prefer our rock and roll close up and within spitting distance. It was a total charge being there.

I most definitely plan to be back next year for Indie Week 2009 and if you happen to be in the Toronto area in early October, you just might want to book off a couple of nights and hit the town running because who knows what you will hear but I guarantee you that somewhere and at some time you will hear some rock and roll that will float your boat. See you there!