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CD Review: Janey Summer – ‘Along The Way’

Janey SummerThis magnificent debut has been out since August 2008 and was re-released in February this year under a new label, I am now the proud owner of a copy so it is about time for a review of this masterpiece of classic Rock. It is a relatively short album, about the same length as both sides of an LP(remember those), which is perfect as there is not a single song or note in its entirety which is out of place. Please read on before checking out Janey’s pages…..

1. ‘Between Two Worlds’ – This opening song begins with an eerie sound of a distant large bell ring over a backdrop of windy weather sounds. Then a basic two finger keyboard rhythm comes into play and keeps flowing throughout the song. The bass, drums and guitar all subtly com into play along with Janey’s glorious vocals. It flows along very gracefully for about 4.5 minutes and pulls you in and along with it in a gentle majestic fashion. This like all of Janey’s has true heartfelt feeling to it, This combined with that voice of hers as always makes this great song shine out wonderfully starting ’Along The Way’ perfectly.


In Conversation with Intense Nick – Janey Summer

janey-summer-webIntense Nick – When, where and how did you get into your singing?

As for getting specific about the when, where and how – I’d have to say “When” – around 1986, “Where” – in my bedroom at my parents house in Shepton Mallet, that well known centre of the Rock Universe ;o) *

“How” – ‘discovering’ the likes of Rainbow, Dio, Free, Whitesnake, Iron Maiden, and being blown away and inspired by the quality and power of those guys voices. That’s when the dream of being a rock singer first emerged, with the help of my hairbrush ;o)

But yeah, it wasn’t until I was living in Australia a few years back, that I decided to really ‘go for it’. You’re seen as a dreamer if you imagine you can make a career out of any kind of art form, plus I’d had the stuffing knocked out of me on more than one occasion. So even though I was writing a lot and playing in different bands I never gave myself the chance (or had the confidence) to imagine that it would develop into anything more. I guess moving to another country snapped me out of it – helped me shake off my reservations. I became determined to push myself more and more and develop as a rock vocalist and songwriter. And I’ve never looked back!


Rock and Roll Report Blitz! Janey Summer – Rock Vocalist Extraordinaire!

Janey Summer is the best female Rock vocalist that I have ever heard. She is based in the south west of England. Janey has mastered a harmonically powerful and raunchily bluesy vocal style driving an absolutely superb voice with such power, finesse and style.

Her first release will hit the main retailers in February this year, a single called ‘You Rock My (Chemistry)’, this is a beautifully written song with composition and arrangement to match or top any other. A cracking tune, with a gloriously powerful and catchy chorus, topping such soothing and intriguing melodies.

This song, like all of her work, brings out all the best in Janey’s wide vocal range, from gloriously bluesy harmonics to full on raunchy Rock’n’Roll. Her album ‘Along The Way’ was released in August 2008.

Given the opportunity, Janey could easily match the best of the all time greats and rise above them with ease. You can check her out at or at


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