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Teri Gender Bender of Le Bucherettes bends gender and kicks its ass

Teri Gender Bender has been compared to the punk/grunge scene of the 90s, Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill, and Nick Cave’s past partner and former muse, PJ Harvey. The release of Sin, Sin, Sin follows Kiss and Kill with artistic and musical growth from Teri, and a new lineup with the band; Gabe Serbian on drums and Johnathan Hischke on bass. Relocating from Guadalajara, Mexico to Los Angeles has Le Bucherettes touring across the United States and Europe. Nothing as sharp or raw has graced the music scene since the Riot Grrrl Revolution.

Q: Why the name, Le Bucherettes?

TGB: I was 17, living in Mexico for about two years and very frustrated that a lot of really cool bands playing lacked women fronting them. I was really influenced at the time reading Betty Friedan’s Feminine Mystique about the household wife, finishing college and marrying. Back in the 50s that was the traditional thing to do, but there was always this emptiness, this whole that would never get filled. This is why the “s”, (it should be “Les” in the name), is taken out. It is more of a mutilation representing the female issue; female circumcision or the simple fact that you feel like something is missing.