A sit-down with the always on the move Dre of (for right now) Mount Rushmore Safari

Most or even all you reading this will know that one of the great things about getting to follow a band or musician online is that you are able to follow their progress closely while also getting to know them a little. This applies more to independent and unsigned bands as they generally run their own pages online and working as a journo/reviewer/interviewer for various online sites has given me the opportunity to capitalize on this, which has created some excellent friendships.

Some while ago now I organized a charity event in the UK to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. This proved to be a brilliant experience, although mostly due to my enthusiasm and naivety it only managed to raise about £70 after costs. I have no regrets though, I am glad to have learned from this and have every intention of running a similar event some time in the future once I get the chance to do so. The point which I am getting to is that one of the bands whom I staged was Le Cul from Denmark. I got to know Andreas (Dre) from Le Cul in my early networking days and we soon built up a good rapport. Not long after becoming hooked on the style, ethos and attitude of Le Cul, I found that this band was just a rock ’n’ roll outlet for the band’s two founding members, Dre and Maxim.


Didium, the mastermind behind Denmark’s “Didium and The Black Bonnie Picture”, shares his musical loves, inspirations and greatest aspirations

You may have read my ramblings about Didium and The Black Bonnie Picture before, in relation to their debut album Whimsical Beauty, which was a beautifully written, performed and produced piece of musical art relating to the life and loves of Didium. Now, this brilliant Danish Indie Pop collective have teamed up with Paul Schroeder to deliver their second album, A Valley, which we be released May 1st.

Didium and The Black Bonnie Picture started out in Denmark, back in 2006, as a seven piece act with a set-up resembling Dexys Midnight Runners and their characteristic blend of violin and saxophone. Members of the band have come and gone throughout the years, but the set up remains unchanged and gives the band a special style of pop music. Twenty-four year old Didium’s dark baritone tells stories of loss, loneliness, lust and love with an undercurrent twist of irony, giving the stories a life and soul of their own.

The band’s first album was released in the beginning of 2009 in Denmark and the Benelux countries. This year, their follow-up, A Valley, will come out worldwide and will be the first release on Schroeder’s own indie record label, Sureleaf. Before the actual release Didium and The Black Bonnie Picture released a four track EP, with songs from the upcoming album (free streaming here). See what Didium had to say in this exclusive R&RR interview.

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Nick’s Picks: Le Cul

Le Cul is a big bang of self-professed psychedelic fuck-rock from Denmark. They have a lively, inventive indie Rock sound and an ethos equal to that of any true punk outfit, even if their style does not fit that genre, their attitude does.

In late 2007 Mr Maxis met Mr D. At this time they were just getting acquainted but despite this they came to the conclusion that they should form a Rock & Roll band. They both play guitar and sing vocals. Shortly after this Mr D heard that a couple of new guys, both musicians and similar to themselves, were in town. This was Mr. Emilesch who plays drums and percussion, and Mr. Baskerville, a bass player. They got together and began practising.
By the summer of 2008, the band had taken shape fully. They decided upon a name, Le Cul, which is French for ‘the ass’. I do love bands with a sense of humour that don’t take themselves too seriously. They went along to Gustav Niepoorts recording studio in Copenhagen and laid down ten tracks.