Rock and Roll Report Podcast #59 – Saying Goodbye to Summer…

by the poolOn this week’s Rock and Roll Report Podcast we survey a rock and roll buffet overloaded with goodies. From heavier stuff to electronica twinged rock to jam bands and the blues we have what ails ya!

It is sad that in this part of the world we are saying goodbye to summer and hello fall but really, isn’t summer just s state of mind? OK I am getting delusional as I could never convince myself of that while shoveling snow off my car in February so let’s just allow these great tracks from bands and artists who are either unsigned or signed to smaller indie record labels entertain us with their amazing music.

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This is what I played this week. If you like what you hear please click on the appropriate link and support that band or artist!

  1. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Intro by Featured on Fridays
  2. Electric by Lost Without Cause– Buy at Lost Without Cause - Write Your Own Ending / Electric - Single - Electric
  3. Junkie Girlfriend by Limozine– Buy at Limozine - Car Crash Casino - Junkie Girlfriend
  4. Solar by The Black Cherry Group
  5. Stars by Renegade Ride– Buy at Renegade Ride - Dream Machine - Stars
  6. Interstellar by Zagnutt
  7. Behind Every Set by The Freddie Long Band– Buy at The Freddie Long Band - Strangers and Friends - Behind Every Set
  8. No Longer Mulling by The Foyer– Buy it at The Foyer - The Foyer: A Sampler - No Longer Mulling
  9. Doorman by Halo Stereo– Buy it at Halo Stereo - The Invisible War - Doorman
  10. Too Hard Too Cold by The Tender Box– Buy it at The Tender Box - EP1 - Too Hard Too Cold
  11. Coming Back Around by Bernadette Sebastiani
  12. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Outro by Featured on Fridays

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Lost Without Cause Talk Influences, Bankrupt Labels and Aspirations

Lost Without CauseLost Without Cause are an Alternative Rock, three piece outfit hailing from Watford, Herts, UK. They have been playing together since their formation in 2004, and so far have played well over 200 gigs with the likes of My Passion, Saving Aimee, Fei Comodo, Koopa, The Runners and Linchpin.

To give you a little background information on Lost Without Cause: in 2007 the band was selected by MTV as part of their new talent initiative program, which involved a live performance and an interview which aired on MTV2 throughout April, May and June 2007. In July 2007 they visited and recorded a live session in the world famous Maida Vale Studios, and in November 2007, after progressing to the 3rd round of an International Battle of the Bands, were invited to play at the London Astoria 2. The gig was a massive success and the band progressed onto the 4th round where they once again played the London Astoria 2. In July 2008 they were selected by Bon Jovi from over 400 acts as one of the Top 20 bands with the chance to support them at their Twickenham show. Unfortunately, after an online vote, they narrowly missed out.