CD Review: True Nature “You Shouldn’t Have To Shout So Loud”

In 2009, singer-songwriter Lou Barlow went about creating a CD of modern rock music. For this project he was able to bring together three of the best-known musicians in world to help him record the release. Aside from Barlow, the rest of the band consisted of guitarist Gerry Leonard, bassist Tony Levin and drummer Aaron Commess. With these three musicians, Barlow created a modern rock outfit under the moniker of True Nature.
Because of who these particular musicians are they got together when they had the chance. When they were able to make time, they went about recording tracks for their first CD. The resulting EP, entitled Feels Like Centuries, turned out so well and received such high praise that they needed to go into the studio to finish the album. And in 2010, that’s just what they did. Continue reading

CD Review: True Nature- “Feels Like Centuries”

truenature2True Nature have just released their latest CD called Feels Like Centuries and this new EP is a great listen.

True Nature is one of the strongest groupings of musicians to ever come together for the sake of creating music. “Along with Lou Barlow on lead vocals and guitars, three other musicians helped to make the band’s music a reality: The lead guitarist for the group is Gerry Leonard, a guitarist who has recently been performing with Rufus Wainwright and David Bowie; the bassist for the group is none other than Tony Levin, known for his work with John Lennon and Peter Gabriel, amongst many others; and the drummer from True Nature is Aaron Commess, founding member of the Spin Doctors.”

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