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CD Review: Auradrone “Bleeding Edge”

                                                                                                                             Auradrone’s new album, Bleeding Edge, has a darker sounding edge than their first album. The title fits their sound–being ahead of the curve, that is. Auradrone consists of Jon Mack, lead singer, guitar, electronics; Fred Traverso and Christopher Fudurich, electronics. Their sound is very reminiscent of Mew, Muse, The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, and the list goes on. Auradrone recently gave me a sneak peak of the new album.

            “Starseed” is a very interesting track. The moment the music begins, I imagine leaving the Earth and beginning a celestial journey in search of the place I came from…. The sensual overtones in the lyrics almost feel like almost like a cosmic dance between two celestial bodies, attracted to each other, dancing a cosmic dance in the heavens. The sensual voice of Jon Mack and the celestial sounds make this song worth listening to.


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Alcoholic Faith Mission talks new members, new tunes, Denmark and why the band is training to become cage fighters (?!)

Want to know one of the best things about one of Toronto’s biggest annual music festivals? Well, CMW, which stands for Canadian Music Week (for those who may not know), is not (thankfully!) all Canadian at all. Instead, CMW seems to agree with a fact I have always found to be true – international artists add wonderful diversity and truly help mix up the musical flavors at festivals. During CMW 2011, one such standout band was Copenhagen’s Alcoholic Faith Mission. Releasing a new EP, The Running With Insanity EP, on March 29th, the band has been busy charming North American audiences throughout the month of March and during their stop in Toronto, Morten Hyldahl took time to speak to me about new members, new tunes, Denmark and why the band is training to become cage fighters (?!).

Q: The Running With Insanity EP is coming out March 29, what should fans expect? Any surprises?

A: We’re very excited about it. Once again, we try to change the style a bit, so this time the fans can expect more vocals, more acoustics, percussion and a bit more lyrical bite. But it is only an EP, mind you, and just a taste of what will come in the fall.



The “Open for Mew” contest gives local artists an opportunity to perform with Mew in the following markets: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Portland, and New York City. Absolute Punk has created a forum to give up-and-coming bands the opportunity to submit their music to Mew, whom will hand select a winner in each of those cities listed above. To enter to win in any of the cities, you can also visit the home base for the contest at Select your city and follow the link to enter to win.