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Karelia bring us Golden Decadence and tour the UK with Michael Schenker

Thirteen years ago a power metal band from France called Karelia was formed and shortly after this they released a self titled demo. This led to them signing in 2003 with Drakkar/Sony-BMG. Then the band released their debut album, Usual Suspects In 2004. 2005 saw the release of a second album called Raise in 2005.  The orchestral arrangements in Usual Suspects gained Karelia the symphonic tag while the darker edge of Raise got them a gothic metal tag. Across these albums the music was opulent with driving drum parts, progressive rhythms and hard-as-nails guitar riffs, all blended with anthemic choir parts, imposing string arrangements and more than a hint of references to classical composers. Early success was evident, especially in Japan where Burn magazine ranked “Usual Tragedy” 4th in its’ metal charts. Germany, Russia and Brazil also embraced the band.