Open Source Rebellion talks roots, rock orphanages and calls out to DJs who want to add rock to their set

Open Source Rebellion is an electro-rock hybrid that combines dirty synths with guitar-driven rock and roll riffs. Elements of bands like ZZ TOP, Queens of the Stone Age and Muse definitely stand out. They have a great heavy rock n’ boogie sound with just enough electro and synth thrown in to really get things moving and a groovin’. I recently spoke with Dela from Open Source Rebellion.

Q: How did Open Source Rebellion form and can you tell us more about the band’s history?

A: A few years ago my old band, Black Diamond Love, went into the studio to record our first LP. We had a sort of artist development arrangement with Westlake Studios and through them we were paired up with a young engineer (erock) who had been sort of an apprentice to Al Machera, who was one of the two owners of that studio. During this time, erock and I became good buddies and we worked together on the eight or so songs that BDL was recording. Around March or April of last year I decided that it was best to leave BDL and I went off and started working on some new things.


Muse takes stadium rock to a new level

British rockers Muse brought their larger-than-life show to a sold-out crowd at Quebec City’s Colisee Pepsi in October – the only Canadian stop on their 14-show North American tour.

There has not been this much excitement in “the house that Béliveau built” since the Quebec Remparts brawl in 2008 when Jonathan Roy was suspended for beating up Chicoutimi Sagueneens goalie Bobby Nadeau like a rented mule.

Theatrical lights, huge sound, orchestral harmonies and falsetto vocals: Muse has cracked open the playbook of stadium rock bands like Queen and Led Zeppelin and given it revamped, futuristic sound.

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Huw Lloyd Langton on LLG, Hawkwind, tackling 18th century guitar pieces and collaborating with Killing Cancer

Huw Lloyd Langton is one of the U.K.’s leading rock guitarists and he’s  recently released a new album entitled, “Hard Graft.” Just in case you are not aware, Huw has a rich and varied musical background. Huw joined Hawkwind as they were forming in the late ’60s/early ’70s and has been working with the band ever since. Hawkwind is in fact Huw’s ‘mothership,’ but other bands that he has worked with include Fox (later this name changed to The Whip). To read an album review of Hard Graft and learn more about Huw’s musical past, head here. To read R&RR’s interview with Huw, scroll down!

Q: After gaining so much experience with so many bands do you have any advice for all bands and musicians who are out there?

A: Keep banging your head against that brick wall and keep your mind open. Keep on doing what you do as long as you love what you are doing, but always keep your mind open and learn as much as you can!

Q: Can you tell us a little about your previous seven LLG releases?

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CD Review: The SSRIs “Effeminate Godzilla-Sized Wind Chimes”

The SSRIs’s often spastic songs mimic manic-depressive tendencies. Highs and lows – a chaotic muddle of emotions, from anger and excitement to lucid periods of sentimentality. In an instant they go from panic attack to a popped anti-anxiolytic and back, and back again, bringing to mind the notion that “mental” is half of the word “sentimental.” If you are seeking some new urgently heavy, but far from straight-forward music, this is the release to check out.

Genre-wise, the SSRIs refuse to fit into any simple category. They now refer to their music as noise-pop; elements of both melody and noise are crucial to their sound. I see it as collage-y, wired post-punk. Stretches of freak-outs followed by chill-outs. It reminds me at times of Die! Die! Die! and the way they play with time signatures is reminiscent of math rockers North of America and Q And Not U. Other listeners have compared the SSRIs to Fugazi, Micachu and the Shapes, Blood Brothers, Health, Liars and the Cardiacs.

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CD Review: Doris Brendel “The Last Adventure”

You know how it is in life, when we have a problem which we struggle to get a grip with or comprehend, we usually talk it through with a friend and get the perspective of another mind on the subject matter. This generally helps us understand by giving us another angle from which to view things, therefore expanding our viewpoint and enhancing the overall picture. Also, we all know and love the feeling that we get as we come across a new sound and discover a new band or artist. That incredible buzz as our synapses spring into life, awakening all of our senses.

Well, back in March, I wrote a feature on Doris Brendel and a couple of months after this I was sent a promotional copy of her forthcoming album, The Last Adventure, which will be released November 11. Up until this point I had listened to clips from each of the songs on The last Adventure, which are all on Doris Brendel’s website.  From this I had a fairly accurate idea of what to expect, but in all honesty, when the CD arrived and I played it for the first time boy, was I ever knocked for six. Some while on from this, that initial feeling has not changed one bit. On many occasions I have had guests in my home and during conversation I simply press play to set The Last Adventure going. On each occasion after several minutes of unrelated conversation my guests pause to look towards the CD player, they then completely forget the original subject matter and ask me many questions about what is being played. This album is a real stunner and engages the undivided attention of anybody who hears it, irrespective of their taste in music.


Clayton Road’s Michael Purvis talks about his music, his hometown, label changes and more

If you’re interested in new indie rock that is reminiscent of the alt rock of the late ’80s – ’90s, particularly the British variety, Clayton Road is worth checking out. These guys, hailing from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, remind me of early britpop, before it got a whole lot poppier. The clean, pared down sound will please fans of The Stone Roses, The Happy Mondays and anyone who hasn’t heard those bands, but appreciates melodic rock.

The band released a Double A-side single, Wrapped Around/Mercury, this summer. The simplistic nature of the guitar on “Wrapped Around” is rather Smiths-esque, a definite compliment coming from a big Smiths fan like myself. “Mercury” is more upbeat and danceable. The vocals remind me of  the Richard Butler of The Psychedelic Furs, and the music reminds me of Butler’s ’90s project, Love Spit Love. The slightly psychedelic spin on the chorus is reminiscent of Blur’s first album, Leisure, another compliment coming from a Blur fan. Hopefully this description won’t offend frontman Michael, who compares his music to Oasis, and we all know about the war between these two bands and their fans. Here’s Michael’s take on Clayton Road.


Doz Brendel walks RRR through her two-decade spanning career and shares her take on the world of music.

Doris (Doz) Brendel is an extremely well accomplished artist from the U.K. that has been enjoying a glorious musical career for more than two decades now. Doris is the talented daughter of world acclaimed pianist Alfred Brendel, who is now retiring, and Iris Brendel, another artist with international acclaim who, sadly, passed away a couple of years ago.

Way back in 1988/89, Doris joined a group called Telefunken U47, which was, at that time, entirely instrumental. I have a strong recollection of being introduced to this band through a free CD from a British music magazine. I can say that it was a great piece of experimental progressive rock that made its mark on me at a stage in my life when I was regularly blowing amps and speakers with my passion for loud rock music.


NYC’s ‘Starcode’ on Everything from Playing the Former Czech Republic to the Difficulties of Choosing Between a Tom Waits and Better Than Ezra T-shirt!

starcodeNew York City’s newest modern rock offering comes in the form of Starcode; a band founded by brothers Dave (Vocals and Bass) and Dan O’Connor (Drums), and joined by Greg Nicotra and Steve Bernstein (Guitars), whose style of “high-energy, dark pop rock” separates them from the herd.

Working with famed producer Dale Penner (Nickelback, Mathew Good) Starcode put together their stellar, brand new record, A Fine Line, which delivers no-nonsense melodic rock that is built on a strong acoustic base and decorated with plenty of tasty electric guitars and harmony vocals.

Recently, Dave was kind enough to take the time to answer some of our burning questions.

Q: Hi Dave – thanks for taking to time to chat. To start, tell us a bit about how Starcode began.


A: Starcode began with a few friends and family – Dan, the drummer, is my brother – getting together to share their love for creating and performing music.

Q: Do you have a favorite track off the new release? If so, what makes it stand out for you?

A: This is something that evolves with my moods. So, my favorite track today may not be my favorite track tomorrow. Even tonight as I doze off it may change. So, right this second? I’d have to say I Found A Way.  It stands out for me at this time because we’ve just shot the video for it and done some shows where it really seems to have moved the crowd. There are few things better than seeing a roomful of people singing along to a song that you’ve sweated and tortured yourself to create.

Q: Working closely with a relative can be a double-edged sword. How has it been for you and Dan?

A: Dan and I have been playing together for years. Our first band, Amethyst, had their first gig when I was nine [at the Shriners Hospital in Springfield, Mass] [but] we have most definitely had some moments of rivalry. There were many things and tantrums thrown over the years. I must say however, that when things got serious for the band and we started going on the road it sort of morphed into an “us against them” sort of thing. We tend to unite along with the other guys instead of getting at it amongst ourselves. So I guess our secret for not killing each other is finding a common enemy. They’re out there and we’ve conveniently found a great way to come together against them.

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The U.K.’s Sierra Alpha Opt to Rely on Hard Work and Their Niche-Free Sound for Success, Rather Than Chasing a Golden Ticket Like Their Peers

l_1be8903baf054e15a3735148d19c8436Sierra Alpha is a highly rated five-piece pop/rock outfit from Wales, U.K., that is getting well-earned praise from countless sources. Their debut EP, Superhero, was released in June of this year and was welcomed with strong regional press and radio support, and the title track was featured as the single of the day on Furthermore, World Machine, another track from the EP, has been featured on a video segment promoting Leonardo DiCaprio’s film, Body of Lies.

Sierra Alpha is comprised of Martin Goddard (Vocals, Guitar), Stuart Davies (Bass), Andrew Harries (Keyboards), Andrew Evans (Lead Guitar) and Simon Beecher (Drums). Their unique gift lies in that both their recordings and live performances are filled with a signature rocking style and catchiness that truly makes them a hit just waiting to happen.

The five track EP, with its combination of brilliant harmonic choruses, superb keyboards and Martin’s wide vocal range, leads to a collection of highly memorable, infectious songs. And, having had the chance to catch them performing live in Bath, U.K., I can also vouch for their stellar shows. On stage Sierra Alpha have a strong, tight delivery that has punch and verve. From the first song, Weekend Lover, Sierra Alpha commanded the attention of the entire venue and from that point on they faultlessly delivered the entire set, even mixing in a cover of La Roux’s Bulletproof.

Once the band got offstage I was lucky enough to catch up with Martin Goddard, who happily agreed to a chat for The Rock and Roll Report.


Glasgow’s El Dog on On-Stage Nudity, Flute-Playing Sound Guys, Hostels and More

El Dog 2El Dog is an excellent four-piece band from Glasgow, Scotland, UK whose style is Alternative, Ambient Rock. They are gently arousing, yet soothing to the ears, and all while having the drive and power to exhilarate and entice.

Their new album, The Lamps of Terrahead, is justly getting great reviews from all over the UK, ranging from BBC Radio 1 to the national news press.

If your tastes include bands such as Muse, Led Zeppelin, Idlewild, Radiohead, Mogwai and Biffy Clyro, then El Dog should be in your collection. The Lamps of Terrahead is the band’s stunning debut and is sure to get them noticed and loved by all. It is out on October 19th, 2009 on Lo – Five Records and will be available through Itunes and all major download sites. I would recommend pre-ordering a copy to avoid disappointment.