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Can I Be Perfectly Frank?

Frank Sinatra – Strangers In The Night
Collector’s Choice

I know, I know – the first thing you’re going to say is why is there a review for a Frank Sinatra reissue on a website called You’re thinking about how his career started in the 1940’s about a decade or so before rock and roll, all the jazz, standards and American Songbook stuff he recorded, one of his famous quotes that called rock and roll music for cretinous goons, his tailored suits. I get it, I get it, I get it. But think about this – rock and roll has always been about rebellion, women, and substance abuse – not necessarily in that order, by the way. Well, even though he was a singer and not a bandleader don’t think for a minute Sinatra didn’t call all of the shots and do things his own way, traditions be damned. He made a hit out a song called My Way for chrissakes. As far as women go, he fucked just about every woman between Hollywood and Atlantic City including Marilyn Monroe and he drank as if there wouldn’t be any more alcohol left after he ate breakfast. In other words, Sinatra embodied rock and roll before there was rock and roll, which is no mean feat. The world saw the man’s attitude and had to create a whole genre of music based on it. Take that Motley Crue!