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CD Review: Piblokto S/T

South Wales’ Piblokto call themselves “bass-driven modern post-punk,” but what I’m tempted to call them is the new Interpol, though I usually hate to draw comparisons. This isn’t entirely surprising because Joy Division is clearly an influence for both bands, and I would recommend Piblokto to fans of the more driven, rocking songs off Turn On The Bright Lights and Antics. The timing is good because if you’re tired of the music Interpol have been putting out (that has been getting stale) Piblokto could be for you; there is more energy and force here than the worn-out sounds of Interpol (based on several tracks I’ve heard from their upcoming fourth studio album.) This is Piblokto’s first release, so I don’t feel I can be quite as hard on them and in all fairness, it is catchy, possessing a forward momentum.