Nothing Says ‘Love’ Like a Band Reunion

Nothing makes you wish you could win the lottery, or unexpectedly come into money some other way, like one of your favourite bands reuniting for a show. One of the ones you thought you’d perhaps never get to see live, or never again if you’d already seen them.

There is certainly a benefit of a band reuniting without putting out a new (often disappointing) release. No questioning whether or not to go to the show, worried you’ll have to endure a bunch of shitty new songs in order to hear a few of your old favourites. In addition, there are the likes of Billy Corgan  – expecting fans to be so devoted they won’t ask for the old songs that changed their lives, and reprimanding them when they do. It doesn’t seem like a fair approach somehow, even if the artist cringes at the angsty, earlier chapter of their career.

Reviews and Suggestions

CD Review: The Reason “Fools”

The Reason is a modern rock band that calls Hamilton, Ontario home. Back in August they released “Fools,” their third album. Trying to make the third one the charm, the band recruited producer Steven Haigler (Pixies, Brand New, Quicksand) to assist with the effort. Recorded at North Carolina’s Echo Mountain Recording Studio, “Fools” shows the band maturing, settling into a sound that they can truly call their own.

The Reason is Adam White (vocals, guitar), James Nelan (keyboards, vocals, guitar), Jeremy Widerman (guitar, vocals), Ronson, (bass) and Steve Kiely (drums, percussion). Drawn together in early 2003 by their love of music and the impetus to forge their own musical path, the powerhouse quintet first caught the attention of audiences and music critics across Canada with the release of their debut album “Ravenna” in 2004. Coming off the release of Ravenna, the band focused on the goal of crafting memorable songs with hooky guitar lines. Their 2007 sophomore album, “Things Couldn’t Be Better,” added greater dimension to their sound and “Fools” aims to combine the best elements of each of its predecessors.


Mean Creek doing nicely for themselves: Chris Keene talks Boston, Bill Hicks, Converse, and cover art

Mean Creek is Boston’s best band, and you don’t need to take my word for it—the readers of the Boston Phoenix agree. With two acclaimed albums under their belt and a reputation for riveting live performances, the title is certainly well-earned. Having just released a new 7″, The Comedian [a worthy follow-up to the cthonic intensity and lofty melancholia of their last offering, The Sky (or the Underground)], Mean Creek is preparing to play shows next month in New York, New England, and Pennsylvania. Before hitting the road, frontman Chris Keene was kind enough to field a few questions on the meaning of it all.


‘Research Turtles’ on British Invasion Bands, Weezer, Recording and the Beauty of the Internet

“British rock invasion meets modern rock” is how the Research Turtles were described to me. “That sounds interesting enough,” I thought, “but do these guys really have the goods, or something unique in their sound, that will catch my ear and the ears of rock music fans worldwide?”  I wasn’t sure, but I headed over to their MySpace page anyways to listen to some sound clips and to begin to form an opinion on these guys. Well, after listening to just a few clips I had heard enough—“I’ll write about them!” I excitedly told my editor.

The Research Turtles were then kind enough to send me their album to listen to prior to interviewing lead singer, and founder, Jud Norman.  One listen through the CD, at a loud volume, and I was completely hooked! I had catchy song melodies and crunching guitars going through my head all day!  The CD has been played in my car almost daily since I got it.

It is with great excitement that I share with you some of the highlights of my conversation with Jud.

RRR: First of all, I just want to let you guys know how much I love your sound! It is very catchy music with a great blend of melodies, harmonies, and crunching guitars…

JN: Thanks man!  We really appreciate that, and appreciate your interest in our music!

RRR:  One of the first questions I have to ask you is where and how did you come up with “The Research Turtles”?

JN: Well, it took a lot of time and we had a lot of fights over it! [laughs] But we actually took the name from a line in a Wes Anderson movie, “The Life Aquatic”.  His movies have had a huge influence on all of us, especially musically.  He’s turned us on to a lot of great artists like David Bowie, The Kinks, and The Stooges.