PIGSHIT: Kurt Russell was “Elvis” … First

Nowadays, it seems anyone and everyone with easy access to velcro sideburns and a karaoke machine are busy making livings (of a sort) out of playing at Elvis Aaron Presley.

After all, Mojo Nixon was right:  Elvis Is Everywhere.

But retrospective credit is definitely due director John Carpenter and Dick Clark Productions for getting there fastest, and first:  even before the autopsy was cold, they were readying their “Elvis” for his home screen resurrection during prime time, February of 1979.

The vehicle? An ambitious, yet quite reverent (especially in view of subsequent bio-pics) made-for-TV motion picture starring Kurt Russell in that title role of a lifetime. And to watch this particular Elvis again today, newly available March 2 from the fine folk over at Shout! Factory, is to be reminded just how larger-than-life The King had already become as the Seventies ended and the deification was only about to begin.