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CD Review: Jupiter in Velvet “Beautiful New Day”

In order to make an impact in music, sometimes you have to make a move. That move might actually be just what you need to jump start your career. That is just what happened when an artist known as Jupiter in Velvet left the United States for new horizons over in the UK. Once overseas, the singer-songwriter started incorporating influences he had yet to use in his previous songs that had been written while he had been associated with bands back in the United States. That new, more rounded feel to the music helped to influence the songs that can be found on Jupiter in Velvet’s new. That album is entitled Beautiful New Day.

Beautiful New Day by Jupiter in Velvet begins with the track “Heavy Like a Brick”. Like the title of the track suggests, the song starts the newest album from the UK-based band off with a sound that is hard, musically-speaking. The Hard Rock track features a buzz guitar that helps to create that hardness in the music. The vocals for the track evoke the sound of Marc Bolan of T-Rex fame. What the track comes off feeling like is a combination of T-Rex and Queens of the Stone Age. The heaviness of QOTSA and the lighter approach of T-Rex balance each other out to create the feel of the track.

The album continues with the song “Can’t Get it Right”. The track blends together two different styles of music into one song. Part of the music seems to come from the Power Rock era of music from the eighties while it also seems to contain some influence from David Bowie. Together, the two styles of music combine to create a track that is undeniably Rock and Roll.

Jupiter in Velvet’s new album continues with the track “Monsters”. With this track, the music takes on a slightly unique feel. It doesn’t really fall into any specific category as far as Rock and Roll is concerned. The reason for that is because the track seems to contain some Glam Rock influence as well as a good deal of New Wave influence as well. One particular New Wave influence that comes through on the track is from the band Duran Duran. The blending of the two influences on the track sets the track in a rather retro sound but not to the point where it feels out of place in today’s music industry. After all, bands like The Killers (which is one of Jupiter in Velvet’s modern influences) draw their sound from the bands from the past.

The sound and feel of the music change on the track “Metanoia”. Where the previous tracks contained an electric quality to the music, “Metanoia” finds Jupiter in Velvet creating a track with an acoustic feel to the music. And while the acoustic guitar is a large part to the music on the song, the track also contains a powerful beat with a strong groove to it as well as a bassline that adds to the groove provided by the drums. Add in electric guitars to add the depth to the music and what is created is a track that would have been right at home within the music that was on the radio during the time of the New Wave era. Not necessarily New Wave itself, “Metanoia” would have fit right in with the music at that time.

The next track on the album is where the release gets its name. It’s also one of the more unusual tracks on the album. “The Day I Fell from the Stars” combines a strong Alternative Rock backbone with a slight orchestra feel that comes courtesy of keyboards on the track. The title of the track comes from the refrain where lyrics are sung that call for a “beautiful new day”. The majority of the song contains an unmistakable Alternative Rock feel to it that brings to mind band likes Soundgarden who add a great deal of energy to their songs. While the Alternative Rock influence comes from Soundgarden and other bands from the nineties, the aforementioned orchestral approach in the background of the track brings to mind songs from Electric Light Orchestra, and with Jupiter in Velvet now being situated over in the United Kingdom, the inclusion of ELO as an influence should not be much of a surprise.

While most of the previous tracks are largely influenced by the sound and style of Alternative Rock, the next track on the release takes a different approach. The song “U Can’t Beat Me” finds Jupiter in Velvet’s style changing a bit as the track takes on more of a New Wave/Glam Rock approach. In fact, the sound of the electronic claps on the track bring to mind music from the eighties, which adds to the eighties feel on the track. The track ultimately makes the listener think of a lost track from the likes of the Massachusettes-based group The J. Geils Band. 

One track that appears rather late on the Beautiful New Day release by Jupiter in Velvet is “Kiss the Flame”. The track begins with the sound of the bass and soon finds the electric guitar joining in before the rest of the instrumentation helps to set the track in motion. Like much of the earlier parts of Beautiful New Day by Jupiter in Velvet, the music of the track features a strong retro feel to it. The track features a strong guitar part as that particular guitar comes with a strong amount of reverb to it. That beginning of the track features a somewhat low-key feel to it; at the very least, that section is low-key when compared to the rest of the track. Eventually, the music segues to a much harder, driving pace. With everything that helps to create the song, “Kiss the Flame” ends up being one of the strongest, standout tracks on the album.

Beautiful New Day, the new release by Jupiter in Velvet, is an album that features music that uses influences from many different genres of modern-day Rock and Roll. Even with the inclusion of older styles like New Wave or Glam Rock, the resulting songs on the album are strong and Beautiful New Day by Jupiter in Velvet come across as fresh because of the inclusion of both the older and newer influences at the same time.


To check out the music Jupiter in Velvet, check out the song “Kiss the Flame“. 

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To check out the Beautiful New Day release by Jupiter in Velvet, click on the album cover below: 


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CD Review: SixTwoSeven “Some Other’s Day”

What happens when a band parts ways? Some people go on with their lives and some decide they want to continue with creating music. Seattle-based musician illfunk (Greg Bilderback) was one such musician who wanted to stay on the path to musical enlightenment. After his last band called it quits, illfunk decided to create music on his own terms…or so that was the plan. What happened was the formation of a new musical ensemble called SIXTWOSEVEN.

Together with musicians bassist MK Ultra (AKA Mike Knapp), Rhythm/Lead Guitarist  J Danger (AKA Jason Bilderback) and the Machine (AKA Matt Bilderback) on keyboards and backup vocals, and DC (AKA Dave Cook) on drums, illfunk created a new group in SIXTWOSEVEN that seems to have decided to create music that carries on the traditions of bands from the nineties. The band’s sound borrows its Alternative style from groups like Nirvana, Foo Fighters and even Queens of the Stone Age. The heaviness in the music from SIXTWOSEVEN’s various musical influences shines through in their own music. About one year ago, SIXTWOSEVEN released a four-song EP. That release is entitled Some Other’s Day.

Some Other’s Day from SIXTWOSEVEN begins with the track “Wreckless Soul”. The song’s musical base has a large amount of Weezer’s sound for starters. The Alternative Rock track also has some other influences as well, which help to add more body to the music. “Wreckless Soul” is truly a classic Alternative Rock song, especially when comparing it to the early days of Alternative Rock. The track would have seemed rather out of place in commercial radio playlists from the mid-nineties but would have fit right in on the early Alternative Rock formats that were popping up throughout the country. “Wreckless Soul” is the perfect track for those looking for the “good ole days” of Alternative Rock when it was more about the music than fitting in on radio.

The second track off of Some Other’s Day from SIXTWOSEVEN is the song “Joshua’s Song”. Like the track before it, this song finds the band in a very nostalgic mood as the band once again borrows their sound from one of the best Alternative Rock bands. With the track, the band launches into a track that brings to mind the Red Hot Chili Peppers; more specifically, that band’s song “Californication”. As the listener makes their way through the track, they’ll notice the driving nature of the guitars as well as a very strong thumping bassline. While the track has plenty of SIXTWOSEVEN influence, ultimately, the track feels like old-school Alternative Rock. And just like the track before it, “Joshua’s Song” keeps the spirit of that style alive rather nicely.

Changing things up for the next track, SIXTWOSEVEN goes from Alternative Rock to Old-School Punk. The track “Top of the World” contains a title that is rather misleading. While the title suggests something rather upbeat, it’s something totally different that the listener encounters as the band performs a Punk tune about how fast things can from one moment to the next. Like the first two tracks, the band uses their musical influences rather well when creating their music. The resulting Punk track in “Top of the World” borrows more from bands like The Ramones than from Punk-pop bands like Green Day. When looking for an “anthem” of sorts, the listener should look elsewhere as the track is about a man who is down on his luck. If looking for a powerful Punk track that never eases up, “Top of the World” from SIXTWOSEVEN is definitely something to check out.

illfunk and the rest of SIXTWOSEVEN bring their 2016 release of Some Other’s Day to a close with the song “One Single Night”. While the previous track on the album contain plenty of energy, SIXTWOSEVEN comes at the listener “with everything that they’ve got,” to paraphrase the band from a lyric contained within the song. “One Single Night” contains strong guitars and keyboards that blend together to create a track that feels much like a three and-a-half minute jam session. The band feel tighter on this track than any of the other three tracks. Of any of the four songs contained on Some Other’s Day, SIXTWOSEVEN chose the right one to end their newest release with as leaves the listener wanting more.

Some Other’s Day from SIXTWOSEVEN is a four-song EP that is just what you want: A strong release from a talented band that knows how to make use of their musical influences. While the band uses influences from bands that were at their peaks more than twenty years ago, these influences help SIXTWOSEVEN to create a release that blows many of today’s bands away.

To check out some of the music from SixTwoSeven, check out the video to “Wreckless Soul“.

For more information, check out the band’s PR firm, The RMG Media Group.

To check out Some Other’s Day from SIXTWOSEVEN, click on the album cover below:

627 Some Other's Day

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CD Review: Heavy Glow “Pearls & Swine and Everything Fine”

Heavy Glow is a hard rock band that features a rock trio foundation. Headed by Cleveland-born Jared Mullins, the band makes use of musical influences such as Queens of the Stone Age, Cream, and several other bands that contain a very heavy feel to their music. Currently, the band is promoting their newest release entitled Pearls & Swine and Everything Fine. Although the lineup for the band has changed since the band released their most recent album, the band’s lineup on the album consisted of Jared Mullins on vocals and guitars, Joe Brooks on bass and St. Judas on drums.

Pearls & Swine and Everything Fine begins with the track “45 Shakedown”. Right from the very beginning, the track finds the band creating music that fits with the rest of the band’s previous energetic library of music. With the heavy feel of the bass from Joe Brooks on the track, there is no getting around the fact that the band lives up to their moniker as Heavy Glow definitely has a heavy approach to their music. Along with the heaviness from the bass, the track features a very groovy musical approach from the guitar of Jared Mullins. The track brings to mind a combination of something from Canned Heat with the Blues flavor to the track and the power of the trio setting from the band Cream.

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CD Review: Trash the Brand S/T

Trash the BrandScotty Austin, Scott Anthony Little and Steven Pulley are three musicians that have many sides to their personalities; that is most true with both Austin and Little as they are musicians who take turns playing almost anything. Together, multi-instrumentalists Austin and Little along with drummer Pulley create the Tennessee-based band called Trash the Brand.

Trash the Band is a trio that creates their own version of Rock And Roll as they combine genres such as rock, rockabilly and other styles to create something they call “swamp-a-billy”. The resulting music gives the band a sound that is fresh and different from most of the “cookie cutter” bands that seem to just fall in line and make the same music as everybody else. With Trash the Brand, each song they create is a unique take on rock and roll.

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De Staat ride the waves of Machinery and hit the road

Holland’s critically acclaimed alternative rock band, whose unique sound is as distinctive as The Dead Weather, Captain Beefheart, Nick Cave, Steve Reich, Queens of the Stone Age and Tom Waits is set to tour the UK in April 2011, riding the wave that their second album, Machinery, is making.

In less than a year, De Staat has become one of the biggest alt rock acts in its homeland of Holland. Now, what is the band expected to do next after topping 2010 end of the year lists and playing highly acclaimed sets at many festivals including Lowlands, Pinkpop and Glastonbury?

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CD Review: Fuser S/T

The magnificent rock band named Fuser is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Fuser first shook the New Zealand music scene in 2006 with the release of their self-titled debut album, and it was not long before heads in the music industry began to spin and take notice of this atomic rock ensemble.

Shortly after the release of the album, two tracks were chosen for the NZ On Air government-funded program, Off The Record, a show run by New Zealand’s main national radio station. Through this exposure, Fuser then went on to complete a tour of New Zealand, which resulted in one of their tracks being included on a compilation CD featured on the cover of Rocksound Magazine, as well as TV exposure on music channel C4.


Open Source Rebellion talks roots, rock orphanages and calls out to DJs who want to add rock to their set

Open Source Rebellion is an electro-rock hybrid that combines dirty synths with guitar-driven rock and roll riffs. Elements of bands like ZZ TOP, Queens of the Stone Age and Muse definitely stand out. They have a great heavy rock n’ boogie sound with just enough electro and synth thrown in to really get things moving and a groovin’. I recently spoke with Dela from Open Source Rebellion.

Q: How did Open Source Rebellion form and can you tell us more about the band’s history?

A: A few years ago my old band, Black Diamond Love, went into the studio to record our first LP. We had a sort of artist development arrangement with Westlake Studios and through them we were paired up with a young engineer (erock) who had been sort of an apprentice to Al Machera, who was one of the two owners of that studio. During this time, erock and I became good buddies and we worked together on the eight or so songs that BDL was recording. Around March or April of last year I decided that it was best to leave BDL and I went off and started working on some new things.


Pearl talks debut album, calling Meat Loaf “Dad,” sharing the stage with Motley Crue, and so much more

Pearl Aday, the daughter of rock legend Meat Loaf, has been embedded in the music scene all of her life. She’s napped in guitar cases as a baby and grew up singing back-up for her father from 1994 to 2003, and also sang with the boys in Motley Crue. Now married to Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian, she has struck out with her debut record, “Little Immaculate White Fox”.  Pearl recently entertained a few of our questions…

Q: It might seem obvious, as the daughter of a rock icon, that you were destined to write and perform music, but was there a defining moment in your life when you realized that you were indeed a “rock child”?

A: This is just the way I’ve grown up. Rock and roll and music is what I’ve known for my whole life. If I was forced to reflect and choose a specific defining moment, I guess I’d have to choose the time I was on my dad’s stage at Wembley Arena. When I was about five/six years old it was my job to be “scarf girl” – to bring a different colored scarf out to my dad in between songs. Red for “Bat Out Of Hell,” black for “Took The Words…,” white for “Two Outta Three…,” whatever it was. I had done it several times before in front of the same sized audiences, but for some reason this time I met him in the middle of the stage, dressed in my favorite little gold lame jumpsuit that I thought was so cool, and I turned and looked out into the audience and froze. I don’t know what it was that particular time. Before, I had obviously been focused only on dad and the players in the band, but this time I noticed the thousands of people, the lights, etc. It scared me and I started to cry. Thousands of people let out a collective, “Awwwwwww…”.  Dad scooped me up and said into the mic, “Don’t worry sweetie. These people are our friends.” The crowd went wild and I remember feeling thrilled, scared, but loving it. I smiled and hid my face in his neck. Maybe that was the moment the stage bug was planted.

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Them Crooked Vultures Self Titled Debut album available now.

ThemCrookedVulturesCoverThem Crooked Vultures are finally here for our auditory pleasures. The band is composed of Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age, Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters, and the legendary bassist John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin. Being a huge fan of all three bands I had no doubt the collaboration would be nothing short of amazing, and how right I was to assume.

The project has been in the works since 2005 and four years later the result is an intricate and distinguishably refreshing sound that leaves no questions in regard to the love and devotion these musicians have for what they do. Although fans would easily be able to recognize Josh’s vocals, John on the bass, and Grohl on drums, the combination is quite unique, having little resemblance to the respective bands these musicians have been a part of. The album has traces of influence ranging from rock to funk to psychedelic, subtle similarities to both Queens Of The Stone Age and Zeppelin are inevitably present upon first hearing, but overall quite innovative in its own right.


The Giraffes Rock the Mercury Lounge & Talk Music, Money and Getting Sardines Thrown on Stage!

fence_lined_up_01It’s mid July, the sun is shining, the air is warm, and life is overall pretty damn good. I’m in a car on the way to Coney Island, NY for a music festival, and the driver turns his Ipod on to a song on the playlist called ‘Having Fun’. I listen carefully, trying to place the sultry male voice against the hard rock/metal sound of the music. I want more. I want to know who this is, and why I haven’t heard it before.

I soon discover the song was by none other than The Giraffes: a Brooklyn based band who’s been around since the late 90’s. I feel ashamed and sorry for not having heard of them until this moment, but I quickly compose myself and inquire further. Turns out guitarist Damien Paris and drummer Andrew Totolos formed the band in ’96 and quickly gained notice in the hard rock scene at the time. After a few years, singer Aaron Lazaar joined the group and the band was then rounded out by bassist Jens Carstensen (whom I can’t forget to mention was rocking a boy-scout outfit at the show I saw at Mercury Lounge).

I was intrigued and needed to make some purchases, which included their self titled album ‘The Giraffes’. Once the “listen all day and night” phase passed, and I had marinated in their grunge and metal infused sound, I couldn’t ignore influences such as Black Sabbath, Iggy Pop, The Stooges and some similarities to contemporaries like Queens of the Stone Age (whom The Giraffes have been associated with in the past).