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RRR TV Spotlight: Rock and Roll Report TV Goes To NAMM

For those have you who have been watching on YouTube, MySpace, Vimeo, Yahoo Video, Daily Motion, Blip.TV and I2TV you will know that The Rock and Roll Report has it’s very own TV show called…..Rock and Roll Report TV! That’s right! RRR TV has been to the Golden Gods awards, The HMMAs, NAMM in addition to interviewing a bunch of cool bands in LA and Phoenix where we are based.

RRR TV is a labour of love by a number of people that don’t get the proper thanks that they deserve so at this point I would like to thank the crew that make RRR TV a reality.

Andy Anzaldua is RRR TV’s editor in chief and producer based in Phoenix,Arizona. Without him RRR TV simply does not get “on the air.”

Leah Cevoli is our LA-based producer and hostess with the mostess. An accomplished actor and friend to all rock and rollers traveling through LA LA land, Leah brings a proffessional but always irreverent attitude to RRR TV and we love her for it.

Allegra is our other LA-based host. When she is not hobnobbing with the rich and famous she is bringing us her always personal take on some of music’s brightest lights.

Summer Rona jumped into the fray and hosted our coverage of the Hollywood Music and Media Awards in Hollywood. An accomplished musician herself, we hope to bring you more Summer all year round!

Tarah McDaniel and Adrienne Mitsis are our newest additions to RRR TV. Both based out of Phoenix, they are busy adding some local color and spice to the show while they shine the light on some incredibly deserving up and coming bands and solo artists.

And a big thank you to the boys of Gee Davey for lending their music to the theme of RRR TV.

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Rock and Roll Report TV Episode 6 – We Head out to the Hollywood Music and Media Awards!

RRR TV HMMAs ep1 1.2222 siteWith this episode of Rock and Roll Report TV we begin our coverage of the Hollywood Music and Media Awards (or HMMAs) held recently at the world famous venue The Highlands in Hollywood, California.

Join RRR TV host Summer Rona as she chats with event founder and head honcho Jim DeCicco about what makes the HMMAs so different from all of the other awards shows out there and how independent musicians are at the core of what they do.

Look for our continuing coverage of the HMMAs in the weeks to come.

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Rock and Roll Report TV Episode 2 – Back to the Black Carpet

Keaton, BusterRock and Roll Report TV is our take at what music TV should be like. We truly believe that it should be fun, interesting and give you the feeling that you are hanging out with us as we crash CD release parties, concerts, festivals, recording sessions and whatever else rocks our boat. Our hosts Leah Cevoli and Allegra are passionate about rock and roll and especially want to shine the TV spotlight on deserving artists who may get the short end of the major media stick. We hope you enjoy what we are trying to do and please let us know what you think! You can email us at with comments, suggestions, praise, criticism and video gear, not necessarily in that order! With Andy Anzaldua holding down the fort as producer and video editing guru and our buddies Gee Davey supplying the soundtrack, we are stoked at what is coming for RRR TV and hope you tune in regularly.

On this second episode of Rock and Roll Report TV we continue our journey on the black carpet at the Golden Gods Awards. Who will Leah run into this time and more importantly, where have all the sirens gone?

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Rock and Roll Report TV Episode 1 – Welcome to the Golden Gods Awards!

A-colour-TV-camera-is-dem-002Welcome to the first installment of Rock and Roll Report TV. Initially based out of Los Angeles, Rock and Roll Report TV takes you along with us as we check out some amazing bands, go to some really cool clubs and gigs, and basically have a blast showcasing as much cool rock and roll as we can.

Our first episode finds our intrepid Rock and Roll Report TV host Leah Cevoli at the Golden Gods Music Awards held recently in LA where she prowled the “black carpet” on the outlook for some cool bands that you might want to check out.

Rock and Roll Report TV is the result of the work of a number of very cool and very passionate music fans. Let me introduce you to our hosts and in future RRR TV posts we will take you behind the scenes and introduce you to the team behind the cameras.

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Undergrad Records is looking for indie artists (signed or unsigned) for music placement on their online reality TV show centering on one college student’s attempt to form his own indie record label. There is no payment for licensing your music for placement but credits are placed within the show, as well as video descriptions, on the main website ( Send any tracks you would like to be considered for placement via attachments or links for download. Instrumentals are a plus. Submit all tracks to

Rock Television 2.0

Rock TV Done Right – From The Basement


If you are fed up with the current state of “music television” then head over to for a refreshing change of pace. No logos, no presenters and no typical TV studio paraphernalia. Just straight up performances from people like The Shins, White Stripes, Sonic Youth, Thom Yorke, the Super Furry Animals and more. According to From the Basement founder Nigel Godrich: “I’m a sad fan trying to bring the magic back to music TV.”

Check it out and see how cool music TV can be.