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A Year in Review – RRR Staff Weigh In On Their Top Picks of ’09 – Part 1

grammyThe end of the year usually means three things: resolutions, new challenges and opportunities and, of course, lists! Flipping through a music magazine (whether online or in print) at this time of year and not finding a list of the Top 5 This and Top 10 That is pretty much impossible.

So, we here at RRR decided to jump on the bandwagon (after all, we like to give the people what they want!) and bring you the best of the best from the music of ’09, with a twist. Rather than asking staff to fight it out and put together one sole comprehensive list, we decided we’d let everyone sift through the gems (as well as all those painful albums that made you cringe and think “What in the world were they on?”) and put together their own individual Tops.

But before we begin I’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year (even though I’m a bit late) and thank you all for making RRR a regular part of your musical intake. (Please don’t leave us in 2010, we love you!)

In Part 1 you’ll find:
1) Top 10 Albums – Stefany Mohebban
2) Top 10 Albums – Bill Sullivan
3) Top 10 Albums (Rock & Metal) – Jon Asher
4) Top 20 Albums (Power Pop) – Aaron Kupferberg

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CD Review: Scott Warren “Quick Fix Bandage”

swarren webThose of you familiar with indie rock band Signal Hill Transmission (reviewed here) may already know Scott Warren, whose first solo effort “Quick Fix Bandage” drops on July 28. “Quick Fix Bandage” is described by the artist as a “collection of subtle yet powerful reflections on loves lost and found and the crossed wires one encounters along the way.” Regarding his musical style, Warren reveals, “I’m influenced by songwriters like Bob Dylan and Ray Davies, but at the same time I’m inspired by things happening here and now”.

A diverse list of talent has contributed to the record, including Brian Young, (Fountains of Wayne, The Posies), Tommy Rickard (Michelle Shocked, Linda Perry), Taras Prodaniuk (Lucinda Williams, Richard Thompson), and many more. The result is a wonderfully cohesive record grounded in roots-based rock. But what really separates “Quick Fix Bandage” from the pack? Warren’s pop instincts combined with the multiple layers of musical complexity provide a record that gets more enjoyable with every spin.