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CD Review: All This Huxley “Home Stockholm”

When you take a group of musicians who can each play multiple instruments, you end up with a band that contains plenty of musical potential. This describes the situation with the band All This Huxley, a group that came together from both the Pennsylvania and New Jersey areas but who calls the Philadelphia area home. All This Huxley is Trevor Serine on Guitarist/Vocals, John Corcoran on Guitarist/Harmonica/Vocals, Josh Mayer on Percussion/Vocals, and Alex Marlys on Bass/Vocals.

The band of All This Huxley (a moniker that is rather apparently based upon the name of the English writer and philosopher Aldous Huxley) had its beginnings when John Corcoran and Trevor Serine met in college. When the duo was looking to create an entire band to help reshape the music they were creating together, Corcoran called upon Marlys and Mayer, two former classmates as well as bandmates of his to fill out the lineup. These four musicians take their various influences and then blend together musical styles such as Blues, Folk, Indie Rock and more. This blend can be found on the band’s 2017 self-titled album.

Just recently, All This Huxley completed work on their 2019 follow-up to their self-titled release. The newest EP from All This Huxley is entitled Home Stockholm.

Home Stockholm from All This Huxley begins with the “title track” of the release. “Stockholm” contains a strong Rock and Roll feel to the music. In fact, the track finds the band creating a track that feels as if it came from the nineties when Alternative Rock was just getting started as a music genre. The track’s music feels sort of like a combination of something from Tom Petty mixed with a rather laidback song from Warren Zevon.  

For the next track on All This Huxley’s new EP, the release continues with the track “Comrade II”. With this song, the band once again creates a track that feels as if it had come out of the nineties. What the song of “Comrade II” should remind the listener of if the time between the early nineties until the middle of the mid 00’s when MTV was busy creating their show called “Unplugged” with such bands as The Gin Blossoms, Alice In Chains, even Nirvana. The track of “Comrade II” from All This Huxley specifically brings to mind an acoustic feel from the band Soul Asylum.

All This Huxley’s new self-titled EP continues with the track called “Dunkirk”. While the previous track found the band creating a track with a basic unplugged approach to the music, “Dunkirk” finds the band once again creating a track with a slightly laidback approach to the music. This time, however, the band’s music if fully electrified. The song begins with a slow pace and an easy feel to the music. This is mainly how the track proceeds except for a short burst near the middle of the track when the band picks up the pace a little. And the band adds a little bit of energy with a stronger feel to the music near the middle of the track when a strong electric guitar solo occurs.

The Philadelphia-based band continues their newest release with the track “One of These Things” With this track the band creates a song that contains a strong Indie Rock feel to the music. Like the two previous tracks on the release, the music on “One of These Things” has an easy feel to the pace as the song seems to simply glide along. It is that easy approach to the music that truly brings out the Indie feel to the track. The song’s complete line of “One of These Things Is Not Like the Other” should jog the listener’s memory and remind them of something from their youths; especially if you grew up watching certain shows on PBS.     

For the final track of the band’s new EP, All This Huxley takes their music in a slightly different direction than the rest of the release. While the four earlier tracks contain some Alternative Rock influence, the song “Ring Buoy” takes the band’s music in a Classic Rock direction. The song “Ring Buoy” feels as if it would have fit right in with songs from the mid-to-late sixties. Some of the reasons for that would be the inclusion of the organ in the background of the track as well as the acoustic guitar on the track. Specifically, the music of the track along with the feel of the lyrics on the track brings to mind the style of a band like The Doors; although, the track does not have any psychedelic feel to the music.

For those who enjoyed the music of the nineties, this self-titled release from the Philadelphia band All This Huxley should fill your need for something new from that time period. And for those who weren’t around at that time, All This Huxley’s new self-titled EP is a quick five-song release that features strong songs from the very first track.


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All This Huxley’s new self-titled EP is not yet released. The band will be putting the EP out a little later in the year. The album will be released in July 2019. All This Huxley is getting the word out on this EP a little earlier to drum up interest for when the EP is actually available. Keep watching the band’s Facebook page for complete information.

Until All This Huxley’s self-titled EP is released, check out the song “Comrade II” from the yet-to-be-released EP.