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CD Review: Jeff McMullen “Pain Management”

Having performed in several bands over the years, Texas-based singer-songwriter Jeff McMullen is now writing his own music. In fact, a new EP has just been completed by the singer-songwriter that makes use of all of Jeff McMullen’s various influences. The release also finds him switching from his two main instruments- the keyboards and the guitar. The new EP from Jeff McMullen is entitled Pain Management.

Jeff McMullen begins his Pain Management EP with the track “Shyne On”. The first few seconds of the track feature harmonic a’cappella vocals created by McMullen. Those vocals feature a feel that reminds the listener of R&B music. And while those initial vocals have a strong R&B vibe to them, that’s somewhat of a fooler as what follows is nothing like what one would expect. The R&B flavored vocals segue into guitar-driven Hard Rock. That approach comes with Hip-Hop influenced drumbeats as well as some Funk flavor. The entire combination creates a beginning to the track that encapsulates the entire music industry at one time, and all within forty seconds or so.  As the track finally starts, what goes forward is a track that includes a strong reference to Michael Jackson as you can almost definitely hear elements of “Thriller” in the music of “Shyne On”. Combined together, all of the various elements create a song that would have fit solidly in radio formats back in the eighties.

Pain Management continues with “The Unmailed Letter”. Where “Shyne On” was guitar-driven, this track features McMullen on the keyboards. Those keyboards create a soft, gentle feel to the music. Add some strings to those keys and the track contains an emotional feel even before McMullen starts to sing.  As McMullen’s vocals join the keyboards, there is a slight indication of Bruce Springsteen in his voice. The lyrics of the song find McMullen singing a ballad about a relationship that came to an end a long time ago. The song’s lyrics also hint at the regrets that have been left behind as he questions what could have been. As McMullen sings, it becomes clear this letter will never be sent as he knows not where to even start looking in order to reach his love interest from so long ago. The simple piano and occasional strings mixed with the lyrics of lost love create a track with a strong emotional pull to it.

The track “Evidence” continues the Pain Management EP from Jeff McMullen. Once again, McMullen calls upon the guitar to help create the music for the song. This time, however, it is the acoustic guitar that is the focus. With the acoustic guitar, Jeff McMullen creates a Folk-Rock track that combines elements of Soft Rock, Folk and some Jazz flavor together. This musical mix and McMullen’s vocals create a track that fits somewhere within the mid-to-late eighties and the early nineties. Altogether, the track brings to mind the Pop-Rock stylings of someone like Bruce Hornsby & the Range and/or Steve Winwood. This comparison is evident because of the relaxed nature of the track. Like the previous songs, “Evidence” is a song that contains a very commercial feel to the music. This song could easily find its way onto Adult Contemporary radio formats because of its somewhat timeless musical approach.

The Pain Management EP continues with yet another piano-based track from Jeff McMullen. And like with the song that comes before it, this track called “Someday” has a laidback feel to the music. This time, McMullen seems to be calling upon the influence from the one and only Phil Collins as the piano-based track of “Someday” contains another Pop-Rock/Lite Rock approach to the music. In fact, you can hear the same type of musical approach in McMullen’s track as you can hear in, say, “Take a Look at Me Now” from Collins. Much like the track of “The Unmailed Letter” which came earlier in the EP, McMullen writes a song about a chance to find love once again. With only the sound of the piano, it makes the track seem a little sparse. But that simplistic feel gives the listener a chance to experience McMullen up close.

Jeff McMullen brings his Pain Management EP to a close with the track “It’s Only Rain”. After the couple of songs that feature very minimalistic musical approaches, McMullen finishes off the release with a song with a full musical feel to the music. Along with his vocals, the track features a full band with guitar, drums, bass and keys. The result is a song with Lite Rock qualities to it. And like songs that came before it, influences from artists like Bruce Hornsby, Steve Winwood or others from the eighties and/or nineties come through in the music. Like with most of the other tracks, this song has a strong commercial feel to it and would fit rather well on Adult Contemporary radio formats. After the previous songs “Evidence” and “Someday,” the stronger, fuller “It’s Only Rain” feels almost perfect as the final track of the release.

The short Pain Management EP from Jeff McMullen finds the singer-songwriter creating music that falls squarely in the era of the seventies and eighties. With the numerous influences that appear on the release, this EP transitions between Soft Rock, Adult Contemporary and Pop-Rock. The music that the listener experiences comes with a strong timeless feel to it. While it doesn’t really push the boundaries of music, this release is solid.    

For more information, check out Jeff McMullen’s PR firm of Whiplash PR & Management by clicking on the logo for the company.





For a taste of the Pain Management EP from Jeff McMullen, check out the song “Shyne On”.

To check out the entire Pain Management EP from Jeff McMullen, click on the album cover below: 

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CD Review: Robbing Johnny “Cold March”

Robbing Johnny is a New York-based Rock band whose music falls into the Americana category. The band mixes Rock and Roll, Folk, some Hip Hop tendencies and other elements together to create their sound; a style they have termed Bodega Folk Rock.

The band of Robbing Johnny consists of: Pat D Robinson- Vocals, Lyrics; John Murrell- Piano, Guitar, Vocals; Evan Harris- Guitar; John MaHoney- Bass; and Jordan Brooks- Drums, Percussion, Piano. This quintet had previously released a few singles and EPs but recently, the band had released their first official album. That album is entitled Cold March.

Cold March from Robbing Johnny was created as more of a Rock Opera than a straight-forward album. The nine tracks that are featured on the release follow the main character as he discovers that he must find a new place to live and thus, moves to the big city of New York. And to help bring this story to life, the album comes complete with a series of Prose chapters along with pictures. The complete storyline can be found on the band’s Tumblr profile.

The album of Cold March from Robbing Johnny begins with the track “Sylvia” and follows the man known as Johnny as he finds a place to call his own. It is there that he meets up with a man known as Robin. The track begins with a gentle pace played on the acoustic guitar with some violin in the background. The beginning of the track falls more into the Folk category than anything else. Soon, however, the rest of the band joins in and the track picks up steam and becomes a full-blown Rock and Roll track with a large Folk influence at the center of it with a much quicker pace. The “Sylvia” track could easily stand on its own and become the first single on the album.

Cold March from Robbing Johnny continues with the title track of the release. “Cold March” refers to the time of year as Johnny begins to experience what it’s like to live in New York. Like the previous track, “Cold March” begins with a slow, gentle pace to the track along with a slight Blues influence before the band adds a lot more energy to the Acoustic Rock. The track combines Blues, Rock and Hip Hop together to create a track that has a very strong groove the music. Ultimately, the song sounds a lot like something that could have been produced by the band Rusted Root with a lot more of a Hip Hop vibe to it.

“Red Bird in the City” finds the band changing styles as the track takes on a Jazz-like musical delivery mixed into their Acoustic Rock before the track enters a stronger Rock and Roll feel. The lyrical delivery alternates between singing and rapping as the track describes Johnny finding omens everywhere he looked, which included a red bird. The switching of musical styles within the track makes “Red Bird in the City” one of the more unique moments on the album.

Speaking of Jazz, the track “Grandfather’s Jacket” finds Robbing Johnny once again creating a track featuring a Jazz-infused track. The track’s lyrics deal with Johnny finding a piece of clothing that had belonged to his dead grandfather and remembering the times they used to have together. The track begins with the piano from Jordan Brooks as the focal point. Before long, the track’s music becomes a lot fuller with the addition of the rest of the band which includes the use of horns. The track ultimately feels like something that may have been created by the band Chicago.

With the track “Highbridge Park,” Robbing Johnny creates one of the more straight-out Rock and Roll songs on their new Cold March release. The track begins and revolves around the piano but also contains a strong electric guitar presence to give the track a fuller sound. With that mix, the track sounds like a mix between something from Blues Traveler (minus John Popper’s harmonica) and Steve Winwood. “Highbridge Park” is easily one of the most commercial tracks on the album.

With the track of “Summer Sux,” Robbing Johnny creates one of the most unique tracks on the album. The storyline finds Johnny walking through the park and finding the red bird he had spotted earlier now slowly dying. Johnny makes a grave for the bird and places it inside. The music for “Summer Sux” is piano-based and would easily fall into the musical category of “Pop Standards” alongside music from such artists as Tony Bennett or Harry Connick, Jr. In fact, while “Summer Sux” contains lyrics that may not be all that upbeat, the song as a whole would easily fit into Connick’s style.

One of the more unusual tracks on the Cold March release from Robbing Johnny is the song “Worms in the Soil”. Story-wise, the track brings Johnny’s story to a close as he and his new friend Robin bury the bird and leaves the park. Musically, the track is the most diverse of any of the tracks that make up the Cold March release. The track begins with music that brings to mind an Old-Timey feel to the music because of the mandolin and the vocals style of the band. Then, it effortlessly switches to a Folk-Rock feel with the addition of guitar. Before long, that Folk-Rock feel is left far behind as the entire group creates a Mungo Jerry-inspired sound that mixes a Blues and Jug Band sound with Robbing Johnny’s Folk-Rock sound to create one of the strongest musical moments on the entire release.

After eight album tracks that blend Johnny’s story together with an ever-changing musical background, the band brings the entire to a close with “Cold March Reprise”. Like every other track that came before, “Cold March Reprise” contains its own sound and feel. Yes, it does recall the “Cold March” track in lyrical content, but that’s it as the song is sung a’capella by the members of the band in a style that brings to mind something from Calypso great Harry Belafonte. The unusual approach on this track helps to bring the entire release to a close on a rather unique note.

Cold March from Robbing Johnny is a strong release that changes musical directions throughout the nine tracks that make up the album. The ever-changing styles show off the talent of each and every member of the band. That change in style also helps to keep the pace of the album moving while keeping the listener entertained throughout the entire length of the release. The strong musical tracks plus the inclusion of the storyline and artwork that goes along with it makes the Cold March release from Robbing Johnny a lot more than just a musical experience; the project as a whole is an adventure for many of your senses.

For a taste of the music from Robbing Johnny, check out their song “Sylvia“.

The complete storyline for the Cold March release can be found on the band’s Tumblr profile. 

For more information, check out the band’s PR Firm, Whiplash PR.

Cold March from Robbing Johnny can be found on the band’s Soundcloud profile. Click on the album cover below:

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CD Review: Rugby Road “III”

Rugby Road is a Modern Rock band from Philadelphia. Together, Kenny Kearns (vocals, keyboards, bass, guitar, etc.), Rich Pruett (drums, percussion and vocals) and Derek Smith ((aka “Smalls”) on guitars and vocals) create a group that is currently celebrating the fact that they have just passed the Quarter-Century mark as far as being a band is concerned. The trio lists bands like the Allman Brothers, Rusted Root, Phish as well as other artists like Peter Frampton as influences. As a result, the band’s musical quality includes styles like Rock, Jazz, Soul and even Funk. Together, Kearns, Pruett and Smith are celebrating 25 years of Rugby Road’s existence by releasing the band’s newest release called Rugby Road III.

The newest release from Rugby Road begins with the track “Back to You”. The track finds the band combining two different styles into one track. The underlying sound of the track contains a piano base like something from Billy Joel while the inclusion of a strong electric guitar that gives the song a completely different Rock and Roll feel that fits on top of the piano-based Pop. “Back to You” builds and builds throughout the song’s nearly six-minute play time. The electric guitar Rock and Roll and piano-based Pop combine to create one track that contains plenty of energy. Add in some Soul influence in the form of background singers that sound like a Gospel chorus near the end of the track and the song gets slightly overwhelming. But the music comes to an end before the track goes too far. “Back to You” kicks the new release from Rugby Road off with plenty of energy.

With the next track of “Nobody (Needs to Know),” Rugby Road combines plenty of Rock and Roll with a ton of Soul influence to create a track that feels like something that would have been right at home on Commercial Radio back in the mid to late eighties. As a matter of fact, the track’s sound brings to mind something from Steve Winwood as the song of “Nobody (Needs to Know)” could easily have fit right in on any of Winwood’s albums from that time period. “Nobody (Needs to Know),” the second track on the new release from Rugby Road, feels like a hit single.

For the third track on the Rugby Road III release, the band slows things down quite a bit. “Spoken For” finds the band blending together a generous amount of Jazz and Rock & Roll. The results are a song that feel like it could have come from Steve Winwood, Bruce Hornsby or maybe even Sting. The track contains plenty of Rock & Roll feel with enough Jazz influence to soften the energy of the music. The track is yet another moment on the latest release from Rugby Road that shows that the band can handle plenty of different styles of music at one time.

For the last track on their latest release, Rugby Road creates a track in “Give it Away” that is straight-out Rock and Roll. Like some of the previous tracks on the four-song EP, the band brings a style that borrows a lot from artists like Steve Winwood or Bruce Hornsby as the track features a lot of Rock & Roll that is reminiscent to their styles. With this track, however, the keyboards in the song also seem to bring to mind the sound and style of Manfred Mann; especially during the one solo in the song that focuses on the keyboard. After spending time focused on the keyboards, the guitar takes over as the focal point of the track. With this track, the band lets their improvising skills out as they take the song in a direction that is more “jam band” than it is straight Rock & Roll. “Give it Away” is one track that easily allows the talent of the trio of Kenny Kearns, Rich Pruett and Derek Smith to shine through. While the band of Rugby Road had not put out a new release in fifteen years, the trio seems to have kept their skills as musicians.

The four tracks that make up Rugby Road’s new EP called Rugby Road III are all solid songs. With only four songs on this release from 2016, fans of this band, new and old alike, were given just a hint of what the band had been like. The four tracks are a good indication of what the band is capable of if and when they decide to release something more.

To hear music from Rugby Road, click the link for the video to the song “Back to You“.

For more information, check out the band’s PR firm, The RMG Media Group.

Click on the album cover below to purchase a copy of the new album from Rugby Road:

Rugby Road cover


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UK press releases – March

Tuesday 26th February – Watching the Melvins perform live is always an event to look forward to – but never before has there been news quite this exciting, as today we are besides ourselves with enthusiasm to announce two totally unique Melvins performances in London this May.
Ladies and gentlemen we present an evening with Melvins performing live Lysol & Houdini at London Brixton Electric on Sunday 19 May and playing Bullhead & Stoner Witch at the same venue on Monday 20 May. Two absolutely unmissable shows. Melvins tickets go on-sale 9am on Friday 1st March and are available from or
"Melvins are a sect diabolick, a gateway, a divine portal between innumerable worlds, an outrageously confident and worthy cosmic interface between punk, post-punk and Sabbathian heavy metal, a gateway between accepted classic dark rock Kiss/Alice/Green Manalishi-stylee and the far flung future (ie Now, motherfuckers). “Standing outside the boundaries of rock’n’roll and aiming their sounds inside,” as Greil Marcus once put it. And LYSOL is Melvins’ greatest and most sacred gift to future heathens, for its tones and vibrations taken together often and in large doses offer listeners the key to Eternal Cuntedness." – JULIAN COPE, HEAD HERITAGE
"Houdini, arguably the band's most direct and concise statement" – PITCHFORK
"If grunge was achieving breakthrough status in Seattle, it was being perfected in its rawest sense on this album [Bullhead]." – ALL MUSIC
"Stoner Witch, surely one of the most massive records they have ever conceived…The Melvins are consummate masters of mood, in particular melancholy, and never more so than here. There’s such majestic authority and undertow to the music, and on this…they are no less than Vikings. The Melvins totally push the bounds of what you’ll accept as a normal rock song." – VICE
Don't forget that the Melvins return with a 13-track covers album titled Everybody Loves Sausages which is set for an Apr. 29 release in UK/EU via Ipecac Recordings.
"This record will give people a peak into the kind of things that influence us musically," explains Buzz Osborne. "We REALLY like all of these songs along with the bands who actually wrote this stuff because first and foremost we are HUGE music fans."
In a decidedly Melvins approach to a covers album, the band not only selected a unique assortment of songs to cover, ranging from Roxy Music's "In Every Dream Home A Heartache" to Queen's "Best Friend," they also enlisted several friends to take part including Mudhoney's Mark Arm joining them for The Scientists' "Set It On Fire" and Neurosis' Scott Kelly pitching in on a cover of Venom's "Warhead."
While the release is billed as a proper Melvins' album (featuring the line-up of Osborne, Dale Crover, Jared Warren and Coady Willis), there are a handful of songs recorded as the Melvins Lite incarnation of the band (Osborne, Crover and Trevor Dunn):  "Female Trouble" (Divine a.k.a. John Waters), "Timothy Leary Lives" (Pop-O-Pies) and "Romance By Tales of Terror" (Tales of Terror).
The complete track listing with original artist and guest player notation:
1. Warhead (Venom; Guest: Scott Kelly of Neurosis)
2. Best Friend (Queen; Guest: Caleb Benjamin of Tweak Bird)
3. Black Betty (Ram Jam)
4.  Set It On Fire (The Scientists; Guest: Mark Arm)
5.  Station To Station (David Bowie; Guest: JG Thirlwell)
6.  Attitude (The Kinks: Guest: Clem Burke of Blondie)
7.  Female Trouble (Divine a.k.a. John Waters)
8.  Carpe Diem (The Fugs)
9.  Timothy Leary Lives (Pop-O-Pies)
10.  In Every Dream Home A Heartache (Roxy Music; Guests: Jello Biafra and Kevin Rutmanis)
11. Romance (Tales of Terror)
12. Art School (The Jam; Guest: Tom Hazelmeyer)
13.  Heathen Earth (Throbbing Gristle)
Melvins play Lysol & Houdini
Melvins play Bullhead & Stoner Witch
Melvins tickets go on-sale 9am on Friday 1st March priced at £22.50 (subject to booking fee) and are available from or
Joe Bonamassa

“Joe Bonamassa – An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House” will be released in the U.K. on 2-CD, 2-LP, 2-DVD & Blu-ray formats by Provogue Records on Monday 25th March (followed by U.S. release on Tuesday 26th March). The release dovetails Bonamassa’s run of four exclusive London concerts which kicks off on March 26th at The Borderline.

The concert was recorded at the historic Vienna Opera House in July 2012 during a very special unplugged tour, played to a limited audience over seven exclusive European shows.  Varying from Bonamassa’s predominantly electric blues shows, this presentation was an all-acoustic concert performance, making it a unique and very special show fans had been waiting years to experience.

The Opera House in Vienna, regarded as the “City of Music,” was chosen for the main event because of its history and splendour, and association with many legendary composers.  Accompanying Bonamassa on stage are traditional Irish fiddler Gerry O’Connor, who also plays mandolin and banjo; Swedish multi-instrumentalist Mats Wester on the nyckelharpa, a keyed fiddle; Los Angeles-based keyboardist Arlan Schierbaum texturing the mix with celeste, accordions, toy pianos, and assorted “organic” instruments; and renowned Puerto Rican percussionist Lenny Castro.

Joe recalls, “Originally, when I had the idea of doing an all-acoustic concert, I imagined doing it solo. I’d surround myself with a bunch of guitars, tell the background story of each song, and then play it. Kevin believed the show would be more exciting with a band and he got to work. All of a sudden, we had a five-piece group, and 72 hours to rehearse 20 or so songs.  It was amazing, different than anything I’d ever done before.” 

An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House features gorgeously textured music made with a wealth of rare, vintage, organic, and “oddball” instruments.  Highlights among the 22 songs include Woke Up Dreaming —the one acoustic song, and fan favourite, that Bonamassa regularly plays during his electric shows, as well as Around The Bend, Driving Towards The Daylight, and Sloe Gin.

To download the free MP3 of From Athens To Athens, click HERE.
To read  the official UK press page and download photos, click HERE.




Tuesday, February 12, 2013 – Metal heavyweights Megadeth have today announced that they will be touring the U.K. in June ofthis year.  They will play headline shows in Newcastle, Glasgow, Manchester and London. Megadeth tickets go on sale at 9 a.m. on Friday,February 15, and are available from


For a heavy metal band that’s been around for nearly three decades, selling more than 38 million albums worldwide, earning numerous accolades including 11 Grammy® nominations, scoring five consecutive platinum albums—including 1992’s two-million-selling Countdown to Extinction—Megadeth’s founder, leader and primal guitar-slinger and lyricist Dave Mustaine feels the best is yet to come, especially after signing an exclusive worldwide deal with Universal Music Enterprises (UMe).


Currently working in their studio in San Diego on their 14th studio album titled Super Collider, Mustaine, along with bassist Dave Ellefson, drummer Shawn Drover and guitarist Chris Broderick, are looking forward to its release in June 2013.


Megadeth’s Super Collider is the first release through Mustaine’s new label, Tradecraft, through UMe.


“It was a real thrill for us to learn there was an opportunity to join Universal,” said Mustaine during a break in the sessions. “It seems like every time you see a great band or music video, it comes from a Universal label.  Being with Universal is by far the most exciting and prestigious home for Megadeth ever! We are electrified with what the future holds and the possibilities such a powerhouse like Universal will bring for us all. We have worked with some great people over the years, and it is amazing to see so many of them on the Universal team for our new record, Super Collider. If Megadeth being here isn’t satiating enough, having Tradecraft as my own label is going to be really amazing for metal bands around the world.”


With a newfound energy with the band, Mustaine is raring to go, preparing for his latest tour, marking the 20th anniversary of their best-selling Countdown to Extinction album. Mustaine added, “Shawn, Chris and David have all been feverishly contributing some great music and I believe we are doing our best work ever together in the studio right now!”


“Megadeth is not just one of the most successful metal bands, but one of the most influential rock bands of the past 30 years,” said UMe President/CEO Bruce Resnikoff in making the announcement. “They continue to be a huge draw on the road with their longtime fans as well as continually adding new fans. I look forward to working together with them.”


Mustaine formed Megadeth in Los Angeles in 1983, and with a string of five consecutive platinum and multi-platinum albums Megadeth became one of the biggest bands of the mid-’80s and ’90s, boasting such arena anthems as “Symphony of Destruction”, “Peace Sells, But Who’s Buying”, “Holy Wars”, and “Sweating Bullets”, along with the top singles in 1997/98 off Cryptic Writings,  “Trust”, (No. 1 track) “Almost Honest”, “Use The Man” and “A Secret Place”.


With the recent acquisition of EMI, UMe now brings together Megadeth’s classic, 14-year,  seven-album Capitol catalog, which includes one multi-platinum release (‘92’s Countdown to Extinction), four platinum records (‘86’s Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?; ‘88’s So Far, So Good…So What?; ‘90’s Rust in Peace; ‘94’s Youthanasia), and one gold (‘97’s Cryptic Writings). In all, the band has scored five U.S. Top 10 albums (including 2007’s United Abominations and 2009’s Endgame) and two Top 5 releases, with 2011’s TH1RT3EN debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard Hard Rock Albums chart.



MONDAY?                      3          O2 ACADEMY ?NEWCASTLE    

TUESDAY?                     4          O2 ACADEMY ?GLASGOW

WEDNESDAY?               5?          MANCHESTER ACADEMY

THURSDAY?                  6?          O2 ACADEMY BRIXTON



SATURDAY                  8          SONISPHERE ITALY                FIERA MILANO LIVE RHO





Play two Teenage Cancer Trust warm-up shows

Doncaster March 19th & Plymouth March 20th

Royal Albert Hall performance March 22nd


Monday 11th February – Kasabian prepare for their eagerly awaited Teenage Cancer Trust gig –

March 22nd at the Royal Albert Hall – with two warm-up shows; Doncaster Dome March 19th and Plymouth Pavilions March 20th.

Nominated for the Best British Band gong at this year’s NME Awards, Kasabian hit the slopes on April 1st for Austria’s Snowbombing Festival, joining the bill alongside Katy B, Disclosure, Rudimental, Foreign Beggars, Ms.Dynamite and P Money.



TUESDAY                     19         DONCASTER DOME

WEDNESDAY               20         PLYMOUTH PAVILION

FRIDAY                        22         ROYAL ALBERT HALL



Kasabian regional tickets go on-sale 9am on Friday 15th February priced at £35.00 (subject to booking fee) and are available from or




IN JUNE 2013



Monday 11th February – American recording artist and producer Toro Y Moi today announces that he will tour the UK in June of this year! The short tour will see him play shows in London, Brighton and Birmingham. Toro Y Moi tickets go on-sale 9am on Friday 15th February and are available from or


The product of a move from South Carolina to Berkeley, CA and the subsequent extended separation from loved ones, Toro Y Moi's third full-length, Anything in Return, puts Chaz Bundick right in the middle of the producer/songwriter dichotomy that his first two albums established. There's a pervasive sense of peace with his tendency to dabble in both sides of the modern music-making spectrum, and he sounds comfortable engaging in intuitive pop production and putting forth the impression of unmediated id. The producer's hand is prominent- not least in the sampled "yeah"s and "uh"s that give the album a hip-hop-indebted confidence- and many of the songs feature the 4/4 beats and deftly employed effects usually associated with house music. Tracks like "High Living" and "Day One" show a considerably Californian influence, their languid funk redolent of a West Coast temperament, and elsewhere- not least on lead single, "So Many Details"- the record plays with darker atmospheres than we're used to hearing from Toro Y Moi. Sounding quite assured in what some may call this songwriter's return to producer-hood, Anything in Return is Bundick uninhibited by issues of genre, an album that feels like the artist's essence.


Born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, Chaz Bundick has been toying with various musical projects since early adolescence. Having spent his formative years playing in punk and indie rock acts, his protean Toro Y Moi project has been his vessel for further musical exploration since 2001. During his time spent studying graphic design at the University of South Carolina, Chaz became increasingly focused on his solo work, incorporating electronics and allowing a wider range of influences- French house, Brian Wilson's pop, 80s R&B, and Stones Throw hip-hop- to show up in his music. By the time he graduated in spring 2009, Chaz had refined his sound to something all his own. Music journals across the board touted his hazy recordings as the sound of the summer, and he released his debut album, Causers of This in early 2010.


Since then, Bundick has proven himself to be not just a prolific musician, but a diverse one as well, letting each successive release broaden the scope of the Toro Y Moi oeuvre. The funky psych-pop of 2011's Underneath the Pine evinced an artist who could create similar atmospheres even without the aid of source material and drum machines. His Freaking Out EP, a handful of singles and remixes, and a retrospective box-set plot points all along the producer/songwriter spectrum in which he's worked since his debut, and Anything In Return is another exciting offering that shows he's still not ready to settle into any one genre.



TUESDAY                     4          KOKO, LONDON

WEDNESDAY               5          BRIGHTON CONCORDE 2

FRIDAY                        7          O2 ACADEMY 2 BIRMINGHAM


Toro Y Moi tickets go on-sale 9am on Friday 15th February priced at £10.00 for Brighton and Birmingham £12.50 in London (subject to booking fee) and are available from or



UK April & May tour dates announced

Inc. May 29 @ London’s Roundhouse


Tribes returned to the stage in London with a triumphant sold out NME show at Electrowerkz last week. This rounded off a small run of shows (all sold out) across the country to showcase some of the new material on their forthcoming album ‘Wish To Scream’.


With the new album due May 20 and current single ‘How The Other Half Live’ preceding it on March 25, Tribes are already itching to get back out on the live stage – a place they utterly thrive.


Their next run of dates will come in two waves – kicking things off regionally from April 6-12, followed by a second run the week ‘Wish To Scream’ is released from May 21. All dates will culminate in the bands biggest London headline show to date at the 3,000 capacity Roundhouse in Camden on May 29. See full dates below.


‘Wish To Scream’ was produced by Kevin Augunas and recorded at the famed Sound City Studio in LA, where Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ and Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rumours’ were brought to life.


Tickets for all dates go on sale on Friday Feb 15 @ 9am.




6/4                   The Plug, Sheffield (Tickets)

7/4                   Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh (Tickets)

8/4                   Northumbria Uni, Newcastle (Tickets)

10/4                 Waterfront, Norwich (Tickets)

11/4                 O2 Academy, Oxford (Tickets)

12/4                 Great Hall 2, Cardiff (Tickets)


04/5                 Live At Leeds, Leeds (Tickets)

21/5                 Oran Mor, Glasgow (Tickets)

22/5                 Academy 3, Manchester (Tickets)

23/5                 Institute Library, Birmingham (Tickets)

28/5                 Thekla, Bristol (Tickets)

29/5                 The Roundhouse, London (Tickets)




Monday 18th February – Jake Bugg has announced he’ll be embarking on his biggest UK tour so far this autumn, beginning in October at the Bournemouth BIC. It will cap what’s set to be an incredibly successful year for him. Jake has been nominated for Best Breakthrough Act at the Brits 2013, and has picked up another two nods at the NME Awards for Best Solo Act and the prestigious Best Album. His eponymously-titled album has been certified Platinum in the UK. He is currently coming to the end of his present UK dates which culminate in two headline shows at London’s Shepherds Bush Empire. He recently announced he’ll be appearing at the Reading/Leeds Festival this summer, and he’ll be supporting The Stone Roses this summer. Jake Bugg tickets go on-sale 9am on Thursday 21st February and are available from, or


A big star at Radio 1 and 6 Music, Jake has also made appearances on Radio 2 and on Radio 4’s flagship culture show Front Row earlier this year. High profile features have included the Guardian, NME front cover, Sunday Times Culture, Q, MOJO and more.


His debut album is 14 songs, clocking in at under 40 minutes, that belie his eighteen years. Sharp, observant and honest, they inhabit a world no other new UK act is currently operating in. It opens with recent single “Lightning Bolt”, a scorching blues number with his Telecaster to the fore. New single “Two Fingers” follows with its swaggering chorus, whilst the likes of “Country Song” and “Broken” are more reflective.





SAT 19TH                      BOURNEMOUTH BIC

SUN 20TH                      PLYMOUTH PAVILIONS

TUE 22ND                      BRIGHTON CENTRE

WED 23RD                     O2 ACADEMY BRIXTON

SUN 27TH                      SWINDON OASIS

MON 28TH                     O2 ACADEMY BIRMINGHAM

THU 31ST                       O2 ACADEMY GLASGOW



SAT 2ND                        DONCASTER DOME

WED 6TH                       O2 APOLLO MANCHESTER

Jake Bugg tickets go on-sale 9am on Thursday 21st February priced at £17.50 regionally and £20.00 in London (subject to booking fee) and are available from, or




Steve Winwood today announces a UK tour taking in six nationwide shows in June 2013. Steve will play the following dates:


June 2013

Monday             17th       Cambridge Corn Exchange

Wednesday       19th       Brighton Dome

Thursday           20th       London O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Saturday           22nd       Bristol Colston Hall

Monday             24th       Salford Lowry

Sunday             30th       Margate Winter Gardens


Tickets priced £32.50 (London) / £29.50 (regionally) (subject to booking fee) go on sale at 9am on Friday 22nd February from or


For more than four decades, Steve Winwood has remained a primary figure in rock ‘n’ roll, a respected innovator who has helped to create some of the genre’s most celebrated achievements.


From bursting into prominence at 15 in 1963 with the Spencer Davis Group, Winwood has since co-founded Traffic – one of the most important British groups of the 60s & 70s; joined what is often considered rock’s first ‘supergroup’ with Cream’s Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker and former Family bassist Rick Grech; and had a successful solo career in his own right following his debut solo album in 1977.


As a composer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Winwood has developed an impressive catalogue of popular music including landmark solo albums such as the Grammy Award winning Back In The High Life and Roll With It. He has nurtured a restless creative spirit, mining rich musical traditions such as Delta blues, English Folk, R&B, and West African calypso and merging these diverse influences within his own unmistakable sound. His most recent solo album, About Time, has continued that success, earning Winwood one of his highest Billboard chart entries.


It should come as no surprise to learn that many honours have been bestowed on Steve Winwood.  He is a recipient of the Ivor Novello Outstanding Song Collection and the Musicians Union Classic Rock Award—honours both voted for by his peers.  He has also received an honorary Doctorate Degree in Music from Berkeley College Of Music as well as a second Doctorate from Aston University in his hometown of Birmingham, England. On June 5th, he will be inducted into the Walk Of Fame in Nashville, TN. 


While rightfully acknowledged for his many achievements, Steve Winwood forges ahead undaunted, continuing to create and perform new and exciting material.  He remains one of the most important and influential artists in all of popular music.





24 April at The Forum tapped for Church’s debut London performance; new album, Caught In The Act: Live, to be released in the UK on Monday, 22 April 2013


(Tuesday, 19 Feb.) – Country superstar Eric Church will be making his debut performance in the UK on Wednesday 24 April at The Forum, London. Tickets to the show will be available by visiting or beginning Friday 22 Feb at 9 a.m. and priced at £22.50 (subject to booking fee).


Additionally, Caught In The Act: Live, Church’s first live album, will be released ahead of the show on 22 April. Recorded at Chattanooga, Tenn.’s Tivoli Theatre in October 2012, the album features songs from his three albums Sinners Like MeCarolina and CHIEF.


Having cut his teeth in rock bars with intermittent performances on festival stages like Orion Festival and Lollapalooza, Church’s path has often been labelled "unconventional."  He catapulted into international success with the single “Smoke A Little Smoke,” in 2010.  Awarded the ACM New Solo Vocalist of the Year Award in April 2011, Church celebrated the chart-topping release of his third studio album, CHIEF, shortly after in July 2011 with sales exceeding 145,000 in the first week–landing him at the top of the Billboard Albums chart and at No. 7 on the UK Country Albums Chart.  The album topped numerous “Best of 2011” charts including Rolling Stone, iTunes, Amazon, NPR, and SPIN and earned him prestigious Album of the Year nominations from the CMA, ACM, and GRAMMY Awards—taking home the award in that category at the 2012 CMA Awards. The success of the record and outpour of fans’ support drove Church to launch a 2012 arena headlining tour, The Blood, Sweat & Beers Tour, in January 2012, with Pollstar naming the tour a Top 10 within the first quarter. 


In June 2012, less than a year after its release, CHIEF became RIAA-certified platinum with the help of Church’s first two No. 1 singles “Drink In My Hand” and “Springsteen.” Since, Church has been announced as leading the nominations for the 2013 ACM Awards, following on from multiple 2012 ACM, CMA and GRAMMY nominations for Song of the Year and Vocal Performance for the track “Springsteen.” 


Church’s London show follows The Blood, Sweat & Beers Tour which saw the cross-over star play to sell-out crowds and experience record-breaking sales across the U.S. and Canada as well as prompting rave critical reviews. 


Watch Eric’s latest video for Like Jesus Does (Acoustic) here. / /


After 2010’s release ‘Movement in a Storm’ James Yuill is back with his third album entitled ‘These Spirits’.
Turn Yourself Around is about changing your outlook while its accompanying video finds its protagonist in need of such advice as he struggles with a seemingly futile task in the blistering heat.  The video takes its inspiration from Greek mythology’s story of Sisyphus..
You can watch the video here.
Musically the track is a slight change of approach for James; here he has embraced a more extrovert style. Crystal clear vocals ring out over sharp synths building to an exuberant finish.
Whereas on previous albums Yuill’s sound has been that of folk quietly and modestly underpinned by electronics here he unashamedly turns the synths up, channelling the restraint and simple melodies of Chicago house with the radio friendly mechanisms of Hot Chip and New Order.
Yuill will be headlining a show at Corsica Studios on 16th May 2013
Tickets go on sale at 9am on Friday 1st March priced at £10 (subject to booking fee) from or
“An early contender for pop record of 2013.” – NME
“This is big, bold pop music of the highest order.” – Evening Standard
“One of the most startling makeovers in the history of pop music… you just can’t get these songs out of your head.” – Sunday Times
“Almost every one of the ten tracks is catchy and distinctive enough to become a hit.” – The Telegraph
“Huge choruses sang by women with something real to say makes for a powerful mix. Sure to get your heart beating faster.” – Daily Star
“It packs a real punch… hooky, histrionic choruses come on like narcotic rushes.” – The Observer
Tuesday 26th February – Following a succession of glowing reviews and their highest Billboard chart position to date for their recently released sixth album ‘Heartthrob’, Tegan and Sara can now confirm details of their summer UK tour. The dates – listed as below – follow last year’s tour which included arena dates with The Killers as well as select headline shows. Tegan & Sara tickets go on-sale 9am on Friday 1st March and are available from, or
Featuring production from Greg Kurstin and Justin MeldalJohnsen, ‘Heartthrob’ saw Tegan and Sara deliver a new exuberant and polished sound, and also represents the first album on which the duo co-wrote much of the material together (in the past, each twin would usually write songs independently of the other).
“No one will confuse this with any of our other records,” says Sara. “It’s got a bigger, bolder, happier sound.” Tegan is explicit about the supersized ambitions motivating the record: “I kept asking myself: Can I hear this in an arena? Can I hear this on a teenager’s iPod as they’re riding the bus to school?”
For all the superficial differences, though, ‘Heartthrob’bears the true hallmarks of a Tegan and Sara record. The songs are terrific, full of lust and longing and regret, bouncing between the familiar poles of erotic rapture (‘Closer’) and post-breakup despondency (‘How Come You Don’t Want Me’). But the lyrics seem less confessional than usual, a little more universal and philosophical, as if Tegan and Sara are reflecting on the experience of passion rather than undergoing its ecstasies and torments in real time. For every urgent outburst, there’s a moment of calm reflection about past relationships – says Tom Perrotta, author (‘Little Children’, ‘Election’) and Tegan and Sara fan.
Tegan and Sara caught the attention of Neil Young’s manager Elliot Roberts after independently releasing their debut album ‘Under Feet Like Ours’ in 1999. Subsequently signed to Roberts’ Vapor Records label, the duo’s major breakthrough came with the 2004 album ‘So Jealous’. Subsequent releases have seen the pair backed by members of Death Cab For Cutie, Weezer, AFI, while they have toured with the likes of Neil Young, Paramore, The Black Keys and The Shins. They have also collaborated with superstar DJs including David Guetta and Tiesto.  
Website                        Facebook                     Twitter
SATURDAY                  8          MANCHESTER RITZ
SUNDAY                       9          O2 ABC GLASGOW
TUESDAY                     11         THE TROXY, LONDON
For more information, please contact Katherine Bawden at Warner Bros. Records on 020 7368 3551 or
Tegan & Sara tickets go on-sale 9am on Friday 1st March priced at £18.00 in Manchester & Birmingham, £20.00 in Glasgow and £22.00 in London (subject to booking fee) and are available from, or


Praise for the album:
“An album that will surely be looked back on as one of the
Master-pieces of the early part of the century” Sunday Times Culture
“Tesfaye is riveting” Time Out 4*
“Blissful genius …a real talent” The Guardian
 “Some of the most striking music you will hear anywhere” The Times 4*
“He’s created a unique sound that is addictive” NME
“Beautifully crafted nihilism…an essential buy” The Observer
Tuesday 26th February – Following his sold out tour this March that will climax in 4 shows at Camden’s Electric Ballroom TheWeeknd has today announced that he will be playing his biggest UK shows to date in Birmingham, Manchester and London on the 22nd, 23rd and 26th November respectively. TheWeeknd tickets go on-sale 9am on Friday 1st March and are available from or
‘Twentyeight’, one of the 3 new recordings included on ‘Trilogy’, TheWeeknd’s massively acclaimed recent triple album, will be released as a single on March 25th. The stunning video for this haunting track directed by Nabil Elderkin (, who has previously directed videos for among others Frank Ocean, Kanye West, and Bon Iver.
The Canadian native is one of the most remarkable, intriguing and soulful artists to emerge in recent years and his critically revered album “Trilogy”, drawing together the three acclaimed mixtapes which made him such an enormous online sensation, bears witness to his talent.
‘Trilogy’ is a perfect introduction to TheWeeknd’s unique entrancing sound and contains his 3 mixtapes ‘House of Balloons’, ‘Thursday’ and ‘Echoes of Silence’, all remixed and re-mastered for the first time as well as 3 brand new, unreleased songs – ‘Twenty Eight’, ‘Valerie’ and ‘Till Dawn (Here Comes The Sun)’ and the hit single, ‘Wicked Games’.
Last year, ‘House of Balloons’ stirred up unparalleled excitement across the blogs and tastemakers, with Complex magazine proclaiming the mixtape as the "best album of 2011", and ‘Pitchfork’ bestowing the "Best New Music" title upon it. Dominating year-end lists across the board, it claimed number 5 on Stereogum, number 8 on The Guardian and number 13 on Spin.
His peers have also embraced him just as enthusiastically. Drake along with his team OVO, was the first artist to publicly proclaim his love for TheWeeknd's music. The two joined forces and collaborated on several tracks from Drake’s no. 1 album, ‘Take Care’. One of the album standouts, “Crew Love,” co-written and co-produced by TheWeeknd, also showcased his unique vocals throughout.
Drake returned the favour by lending his vocals to one of TheWeeknd’s most popular tracks, “The Zone,” from his ‘Thursday’ mixtape. TheWeeknd was then asked to create official remixes for Florence & The Machine and Lady Gaga.  His take on Florence’s "Shake It Out" became the single's first official remix, and his interpretation of Gaga’s "Marry the Night" was a dark centrepiece of her release, ‘Born This Way: The Remixes’.
TheWeeknd has also become known for his stunning live shows. His first headlining tour sold out across the United States. He's also made surprise guest appearances on Drake’s Club Paradise tour, and has performed at high-profile festivals such as, Coachella, Primavera Sound Festival, and the Wireless Festival in London. In the last couple of months he toured with Florence & The Machine in the US where he has also just finished his own sold-out hugely acclaimed headlining tour, “The Fall Tour.”
FRIDAY                     22                    BIRMINGHAM NIA
SATURDAY              23                    O2 APOLLO MANCHESTER
TUESDAY                26                    LONDON O2 ARENA


TheWeeknd tickets go on-sale 9am on Friday 1st March priced at £24.50 regionally / £28.50 & £30.00 in London (subject to booking fee) and are available from or
Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is undoubtedly among contemporary pop’s most gifted and compelling artists.  And with global sales currently certified at 40x-platinum and over 50 million singles sold worldwide, the 14-time Grammy Award nominee has fully proven himself as a true superstar.

Released in October 2010, “DOO-WOPS & HOOLIGANS” was greeted with both popular success and critical acclaim from all corners of the globe.  “The year’s finest pop debut,” raved Rolling Stone.  “Near-flawless…(the album) delivers pleasure without pretension.”  Fueled by a remarkable string of hit singles, including the multi-platinum #1 smashes, “Just The Way You Are” and “Grenade,” the album instantly confirmed Mars as a major force in modern pop music.

Mars soon racked up a remarkable record of prestigious international awards and nominations, with victories including a “Best Male Pop Vocal Performance” Grammy Award (for “Just The Way You Are”), an American Music Award for “Pop or Rock Music/Favorite Male Artist,” a 2012 Brit Award (for “International Male Solo Artist”), two Teen Choice Awards, a 2012 People’s Choice Award (for “Favorite Male Artist”), a Soul Train Music Award, two MTV Europe Music Awards, two MTV Music Awards Japan, a BT Digital Music Award, an ECHO Award, and multiple 2011 Billboard Awards including “Top Male Hot 100 Artist of the Year.”

As if that weren’t enough, Mars received a truly stunning assortment of 2011 and 2012 honors from ASCAP, including the ASCAP Pop Award for “Song of the Year” (for “Just The Way You Are”).  In 2011, he was named to the prestigious Time 100, confirming the superstar as one of the most influential people in the world.

For up-to-the-minute news and information, please visit:,, and




*on sale March 1st






Support Act

Saturday, June 22, 2013*

Washington D.C.

Verizon Center

Fitz & the Tantrums

Monday, June 24, 2013*

Philadelphia, PA

Wells Fargo Center

Fitz & the Tantrums

Wednesday, June 26, 2013*

Boston, MA

TD Garden

Fitz & the Tantrums

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Uncasville, CT

Mohegan Sun Arena

Fitz & the Tantrums

Saturday, June 29, 2013*

New York, NY

Barclays Center

Fitz & the Tantrums

Monday, July 01, 2013*


Prudential Center

Ellie Goulding

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Pittsburgh, PA

Consol Energy Center

Ellie Goulding

Wednesday, July 03, 2013*


Molson Amphitheatre

Ellie Goulding

Friday, July 05, 2013


Bell Centre

Ellie Goulding

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Value City Arena

Ellie Goulding

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Detroit, MI

The Palace of Auburn Hills

Ellie Goulding

Saturday, July 13, 2013*

Chicago, IL

United Center

Ellie Goulding

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Minneapolis, MN

Xcel Energy

Ellie Goulding

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Calgary, AB

Scotiabank Saddledome

Ellie Goulding

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Edmonton, AB

Rexall Place

Ellie Goulding

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Vancouver, BC

Rogers Arena

Ellie Goulding

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Seattle, WA

Key Arena

Ellie Goulding

Monday, July 22, 2013

Portland, OR

Rose Garden Arena

Ellie Goulding

Wednesday, July 24, 2013*

Sacramento, CA

Sleep Train Arena

Ellie Goulding

Thursday, July 25, 2013*

San Jose, CA

HP Pavilion

Ellie Goulding

Saturday, July 27, 2013*

Los Angeles, CA

Staples Center

Ellie Goulding

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

San Diego, CA

Valley View Casino Center

Ellie Goulding

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Phoenix, AZ

US Airways Center

Ellie Goulding

Friday, August 02, 2013

Salt Lake City, UT

Maverik Center

Fitz & the Tantrums

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Las Vegas, NV

MGM Grand

Fitz & the Tantrums

Monday, August 05, 2013*

Denver, CO

Red Rocks Amphitheater

Ellie Goulding

Thursday, August 08, 2013

St. Louis, MO

Scottrade Center

Ellie Goulding

Friday, August 09, 2013

Kansas City, MO

Sprint Center

Ellie Goulding

Saturday, August 10, 2013*

Oklahoma City, OK

Chesapeake Energy Arena

Ellie Goulding

Monday, August 12, 2013

Dallas, TX

American Airlines Center

Ellie Goulding

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Austin, TX

Frank Erwin Center

Ellie Goulding

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Houston, TX

Toyota Center

Ellie Goulding

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Nashville, TN

Bridgestone Arena

Fitz & the Tantrums

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Louisville, KY

KFC Yum! Center

Fitz & the Tantrums

Monday, August 19, 2013

Indianapolis, IN

Bankers Life Fieldhouse

Fitz & the Tantrums

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Charlotte, NC

Time Warner Cable Arena

Fitz & the Tantrums

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Atlanta, GA

Philips Arena

Fitz & the Tantrums

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tampa, FL

St. Pete Times Forum

Fitz & the Tantrums

Friday, August 30, 2013

Miami, FL

American Airlines Arena

Fitz & the Tantrums

Sunday, September 1, 2013

San Juan, PR

Coliseo de Puerto Rico










Wednesday, October 2, 2013*



The Odyssey Arena

Thursday, October 3, 2013*



The O2

Saturday, October 5, 2013*



Manchester Arena

Sunday, October 6, 2013*




Tuesday, October 8, 2013*



O2 Arena

Friday, October 11, 2013*



NIA Arena

Saturday, October 12, 2013*



Motorpoint Arena

Monday, October 14, 2013*



Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy

Tuesday, October 15, 2013*



Ziggo Dome

Thursday, October 17, 2013*




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Sunday, October 20, 2013*



SAP Arena

Monday, October 21, 2013*




Wednesday, October 23, 2013*




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Mediolanum Forum

Monday, October 28, 2013*



O2 World

Tuesday, October 29, 2013*



O2 World

Thursday, October 31, 2013*




Saturday, November 2, 2013*




Sunday, November 3, 2013*



Ericsson Globe

Wednesday, November 6, 2013*


Czech Republic

O2 Arena

Thursday, November 7, 2013*



Papp Laszlo Budapest Sport Arena

Saturday, November 9, 2013*



ISS Dome

Tuesday, November 12, 2013*




Wednesday, November 13, 2013*



Le Dome

Friday, November 15, 2013*



Palacio  Vistalegre