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CD Review: Teachers Pet S/T

Akron, Ohio was once home to the band Teachers Pet. Four musicians formed the quartet in 1977 that wanted to make loud, crass punk music. But after recording one single of “Hooked On You,” the original foursome was no more and the founding members of Ron and Kal Mullens went looking for a new rhythm section. The band solidified with the four members of Ron “Pete Sake” Mullens on keyboards and vocals, Kal “Rex Lax” Mullens on guitar and vocals, Bill “Billy Whip” Tomazic on drums and Gary “Jack Hammer” Elliot on bass. This quartet re-recorded “Hooked On You” and many other songs to release as an album. However, by the end of 1980, the band had had their day and went their separate ways.

This short-lived band made an impact in the Northern Ohio area with their music and concert performances. And in 2008, the music of this group was assembled for release on the self-titled album on Smog Veil Records.