Doz Brendel walks RRR through her two-decade spanning career and shares her take on the world of music.

Doris (Doz) Brendel is an extremely well accomplished artist from the U.K. that has been enjoying a glorious musical career for more than two decades now. Doris is the talented daughter of world acclaimed pianist Alfred Brendel, who is now retiring, and Iris Brendel, another artist with international acclaim who, sadly, passed away a couple of years ago.

Way back in 1988/89, Doris joined a group called Telefunken U47, which was, at that time, entirely instrumental. I have a strong recollection of being introduced to this band through a free CD from a British music magazine. I can say that it was a great piece of experimental progressive rock that made its mark on me at a stage in my life when I was regularly blowing amps and speakers with my passion for loud rock music.