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CD Review: The Kavanaghs “Headlights”

A lot has changed since the first day when the Argentinian band The Kavanaghs came together as a group. Since the early days of the band, members have come and gone and the style of music has evolved. And even with all of that, the band has continued to create their own style of music.

When The Kavanaghs first came together, the band created their sound imitating the style of bands like The Beatles and other British Invasion groups. Soon after, however, the band started incorporating some of the Post-British Invasion music from the likes of The Raspberries and Badfinger. And more recently, the band has incorporated more modern sounds from British bands like Coldplay. This ever-changing sound that the band has been creating has made their two studio albums, 2009’s Self-Titled release and 2011’s Love Conquers Pain, feel miles apart from each other. But that simply means that the band has been stretching as musicians and a group as a whole.

Even when the band released their recent live release of Love Conquers Pain (Live) (although the album was recorded back in 2011), you can hear the progression of the band as the earlier tracks from the self-titled album that were included in that release have a definite different quality to them, as if the band’s influences were indeed affecting the sound of the band’s music.

The Kavanaghs have recently returned with their latest album of original music. The 2017 studio release from The Kavanaghs is entitled Headlights.  For this album, The Kavanaghs are composed of Tiago Galindez: Bass – Vocals, Seba Cairo: Guitars – Synths – Vocals, Diego Vázquez: Guitars and Franco Barbieri: Drums. The album tracks were split between Tiago Galindez and Seba Cairo as songwriters.

Headlights from The Kavanaghs begins with the track “Neither Do I”. On this track, the listener can truly tell the progression of the band’s sound as the British Invasion influence is all nearly non-existent. What is there is a very modern take on the Rock and Roll sound. “Neither Do I” has a strong timeless feel as the guitar-driven track would easily fit on any Top 40 radio format. The track even includes a very infectious chorus that will have the listener singing along.

With the track “Your Life is White,” the band takes their Rock and Roll sound and makes it just a little bit more commercial. As the listener puts the song on, they’re hit with a song that has a very undeniable musical influence from the band U2. In fact, the track could easily fit within that band’s song library and no one would even know…minus the Argentinian accent in Tiago Galindez’s vocals, that is. Like the previous track, “Your Life Is White” is ready-made for radio play. It could easily be a single off the release.

While most of the music on The Kavanaghs’ Headlights release has a modern feel to it, the band changes directions on the track “Like a Ship”. With this song, the band reverts their sound back to a more retro feel that would have fit with early Rock and Roll. In fact, the track sounds as if it could have been something from an American artist like Dion or even Del Shannon. The music on the track has a light but definite Doo Wop influence. At one point, the vocals on the track even feature an aged feel to them as if the vocal quality had faded over time. “Like a Ship” is a nice reminder of where the band had come from, musically.

As mentioned before, the Highlights album from The Kavanaghs was split between Tiago Galindez and Seba Cairo as writers. However, with the title track “Headlights,” the two songwriters collaborated together on a track that has a heavy Pop influence to the music because of the acoustic guitars that help make up the music. The result is song that features a lighter feel to the music as the song would fit more into the Light A/C (Adult Contemporary) radio format. Along with the acoustic approach, the lyrics of the track are handled by both Galindez and Cairo as they show off their ability to harmonize with each other. The acoustic approach on this track gives the listener just a taste of something special while focusing on a different side to the band.

The pace of the music is once again picked up on the track “Time and Time Again”. With this track, the band seems to have taken their song back into the eighties for a song that would have felt right at home on the radio at the time. One element that picks up the eighties vibe is the inclusion of the keyboards from Seba Cairo that give the song a definite dated feel. And while “Time and Time Again” does have that slightly dated touch, the track is still fun to listen to and shows off yet another take on the band’s sound.

The Highlights album from The Kavanaghs continues with the track “High Tide”. The track features a melodic Rock and Roll sound that is very reminiscent of Coldplay. However, the track’s guitars also seem to suggest a little influence from New Wave. Like other tracks on the release, “High Tide” feels like it should be a single for the band.

The newest release from the Kavanaghs comes to a close with the song “Maybe”. Like other tracks on the release, the band channels their British influences for this song. The track features a melodic Rock and Roll approach very much like that of the song “High Tide” that came a few tracks before. The track starts off rather subtly but the energy picks up late in the track with the addition of a strong electric guitar solo that is accompanied by the lyrics being delivered in a harmonic way. While some would include a quieter song as the last track, “Maybe” contains a slightly quiet feel but still has plenty of energy.

Headlights, the newest release from The Kavanaghs, is easily the strongest album of the three that the band has put out. With this album, the Argentinian quartet shows how far they have come as a band and also shows that their sound has evolved over the years. If you are unfamiliar with The Kavanaghs, this is the perfect place to begin getting to know the band.

To hear just a bit of The Kavanaghs, check out the video to the title track “Headlights“.

For more information, check out the band’s record label Eternal Sunday Records. Also check out the band’s American distributor, Dreamscape Records.

To check out the entire Headlights release from The Kavanaghs, click on the album cover below:

Kavanaghs Highlights


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CD Review: The Kavanaghs “Love Conquers Pain (Live)”

The heavily British-influenced band The Kavanaghs are a pop/rock band that makes their home in Rosario, Argentina. Together, the four-piece band has evolved while during their time together as a group. Having begun as a band inspired by the likes of The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and other British Invasion bands, as well as Post-British Invasion bands such as The Raspberries and Badfinger, the band would later merge that style with more current sounds from the likes of Coldplay. That love of the British style of Rock and Roll music would lead the band to create two albums of original music: 2009’s self-titled release and 2011’s Love Conquers Pain.

Although the band has been quiet of late, they have since returned with a new release. The new album features the band as they performed live in concert. The resulting album, 2017’s Love Conquers Pain (Live). The release features many of the tracks found on the original Love Conquers Pain with a few tracks from the band’s self-titled release thrown in for good measure. For the live album, the band consisted of Tiago Galindez: Bass – Vocals – Piano, Ale Pin: Guitars – Vocals, Diego Vázquez: Guitars and Seba Cairo: Drums – Vocals (shown in the concert photo above) with special guest musicians: Juan Manuel Garassino: Piano – Vocals – Acoustic guitar, Mariano Barabani: Piano – Hammond.

As soon as the listener puts the Love Conquers Pain (Live) album on, they can hear the talent that exists within the four members of the band. From the very first note, the listener gets a good idea of how tight The Kavanaghs are as a live ensemble.

Love Conquers Pain (Live) begins with the track “Tonight”. The song ends up being one of the more original takes on any of the band’s material as the arrangement of the song for the live setting starts off with an extended introduction that adds a new element to the song. That new introduction makes the song feel very fresh as the band begins the set with one of their best and strongest tracks.

Just like the first track of “Tonight,” the track “Come On (Before the Wind)” finds The Kavanaghs revisiting their song with a fresh approach. The original track had a very timeless feel to the music. With this version, the band takes the track in a more New Wave direction, especially with the inclusion of the additional keyboards on the track. Just like the track before it, the new version of “Come On (Before the Wind)” takes the music from the band and makes it seem tighter and stronger.

One of the tracks that feels very much like the studio version from the Love Conquers Pain album is the track “Those Days”. On the track, the band performs the song almost as if they had just recorded the song. One standout element in the live track is the three-part harmony from the musicians as they sing the chorus to the song.

The vast majority of Love Conquers Pain (Live) has been taken, rather obviously, from the band’s 2011 studio release entitled Love Conquers Pain. And because of that, the live release is a rather good indication of what the band’s sound is like. The few tracks that come from The Kavanaghs’ 2009 self-titled album is where the listener who is familiar with the band’s musical output would notice the difference.

On the songs “Hyde Park,” “All the Time” “English Town, English People” and “Cat in Town,” The Kavanaghs had recorded their self-titled release when they were still rather largely influenced by the early days of The Kinks, The Beatles and other British Invasion bands. On this new live album, these four songs are the tracks that truly show the band’s progression as a group coming into their own style and sound. Perhaps the track with the biggest difference in sound is the song “Hyde Park”.

Taken from The Kavanaghs’ 2009 self-titled release, “Hyde Park” was a mostly-acoustic track that featured a very strong Beatles-like influence. On the live release, the band transferred the song from the acoustic realm into the electric realm, adding electric guitars to the song’s musical mix. The choice to go electric on the song means that the song now has a much later Beatles influence to the music. It also makes the song seem a little more timeless, as far as Rock and Roll is concerned.

When comparing the live versions of the tracks chosen for the Love Conquers Pain (Live) release to the original ones, the newer live tracks on this release breathe new life into the music of The Kavanaghs. And with the band having had two different styles, one being very influenced by the British Invasion era and one being influenced by the later styles of British Rock and Roll, this live album of music from the Argentina-based band The Kavanaghs helps to unify the band’s two sounds into one style. The result is a release that proves that Rock and Roll is truly international.

To hear just a little of the music from The Kavanaghs live release, check out the song “Tonight” from Love Conquers Pain (Live).

For more information, check out the band’s record label Eternal Sunday. Also check out the label’s Facebook account.

To check out the latest release from the band The Kavanaghs, click on the album cover below:

Kavahaghs Live

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CD Review: The Kavanaghs “Pop Power”

Through its history, Rock And Roll has had a long and wild path that has made its way into many different cultures. While England and America are the most widely accepted locations for where new music comes from, countries such as Germany and Canada have also added their share of history to the music genre. And with more and more people becoming familiar with the sound of the music, Rock and Roll has found its way into almost every country on the planet, including down in Argentina. It’s in Argentina where you find the band The Kavanaghs, a band of four musicians (Tiago Galíndez on Vocals/Bass/Piano, Seba Cairo on Vocals/Guitars, Diego Vázquez on Guitars/Backing Vocals, Franco Barbieri on Drums) who have been making their own brand of Rock and Roll music for years.

Over the years, The Kavanaghs have created their own music that has been largely influenced by the sound of the British Invasion and then the American response that followed it. For their influences, The Kavanaghs have mentioned bands like The Beatles, Badfinger and The Raspberries (among others) as those bands that have inspired them the most. And when listening to the music of The Kavanaghs, you can most definitely hear each of these influences coming through.

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CD Review: The Kavanaghs “Need a Pity Day EP”

Argentinean band The Kavanaghs has come a long way from their humble beginnings as an Argentinean Beatles cover band. Ever since they started out playing the music of The Fab Four and other groups from that time period, The Kavanaghs have continually shaped their sound to include more and more bands and styles of today so that their current style sounds more like Badfinger and British bands from the late ‘90s into today such as Coldplay, Oasis and U2. Their current sound can be found on their 2011 release Love Conquers Pain. The band is currently promoting that album and has since released several songs from that album as singles; the latest of which is “Need a Pity Day”.

Live Rock and Roll

In Concert: The Kavanaghs begin tour in Cleveland

KavanaghsThe country of Argentina is home to The Kavanaghs, a rock band whose style was largely influenced by roots rock artists as well as 60s British Invasion bands like The Kinks and The Beatles. In fact, The Beatles have been one of the biggest influences on the band.
Of course, some of the bands that came after the British Invasion have also been big influences on the members of The Kavanaghs. One of the post-British Invasion bands that influenced The Kavanaghs was The Raspberries from Cleveland, Ohio.
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CD Review: The Kavanaghs “Love Conquers Pain”

The Argentinean pop/rock band The Kavanaghs came together and started created music with a very apparent nod to the British Invasion; most importantly, their sound had a lot of The Beatles in it as an influence. A few years ago, the band took their British Invasion-influenced music and created their first album, 2009’s self-titled release.

Since that time, The Kavanaghs has changed slightly. While guitarist/ singer Ale Pin, lead guitarist Diego Vazquez and multi-instrumentalist Tiago Galindez still make up the majority of the band, Seba Cairo has replaced Julio Leidi on drums.

And while the makeup of the band has changed slightly, The Kavanaghs have done even more, as their sound has more substance than it did back in 2009. While their sound still has some flavor from the British Invasion of the 1960’s, they have incorporated a lot of the styling of music that has been created since that time as well. The new album from The Kavanaghs, Love Conquers Pain, brings their sound a lot closer to today’s radio formats and playlists.

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CD Review: The Kavanaghs S/T

It is over in England that a 21st Century version of the British Invasion has been taking place. Bands like Coldplay and Stereophonics have been at the forefront of this new English-based influence to rock. While a large amount of music containing this influence has obviously been created by English bands, the revival of the British Invasion has not been contained just in Great Britain. There are many groups out there right now from all over the globe that have been joining in on this revival. One of the bands from outside of Great Britain creating music of this style is the Argentina-based band The Kavanaghs.

The Kavanaghs is a modern-day Rock and Roll band that wears its influences on its sleeve. And the influences that come through when listening to the band are mainly of the British Invasion kind. When listening to the band’s music, you can hear an abundance of influence from the likes of The Beatles, The Kinks, and other bands from around that time in music.

The Kavanaghs consist of four musicians: Alejandro Pin, Diego Vazquez, Tiago Galindez and Julio Leidi. This foursome creates a quartet modeled after the Fab Four, which includes having two singers (Pin and Galindez) sharing vocal duties. But their sound is so much more than just a copy of the sound that The Beatles created; you can also hear today’s bands like Coldplay and others in their style.

Recently, The Kavanaghs went into the studio to create a new self-titled album. What resulted was an album of original music from the group that features a musical mix of both the old and new styles of British Invasion. The Kavanaghs create their musical style that blends both of the eras of music together.

The first song of the self-titled album from The Kavanaghs is the track “The Wrong Side of the Way”. The track actually has a style that incorporates some of the flavor that was present in the music from The Beatles. But the song also has a generous amount of influence in the music that sounds a lot more modern. The track feels more like it fits with current bands than it does with bands from the first English musical invasion.

With the song “Friday on My Mind” (and no, not the song from The Easybeats), the band creates a track with a lot of the style of The Beatles from back at the time that the British band was creating their first movie of Help! In fact, you could see “Friday on My Mind” fitting right in with the rest of the songs on the soundtrack to that film.

On the song “English Town, English People,” the band creates a track that feels like something from The Beatles, but the style is more like McCartney than it is like Lennon. The gentle pace to the song creates a track that would have easily found on the radio back in the sixties.

After several tracks that feature the older style of British Invasion-influenced music, the band changes directions. The song “The Simple Things” finds the band creating a track that would fall into the Post-British Invasion era here in the United States and elsewhere when bands like The Raspberries or Welsh band Badfinger started incorporating the British Invasion sound into their music. In fact, “The Simple Things” contains a sound that seems to have incorporated some of the flavor from The Raspberries’ song “I Wanna Be with You” into the music.

The album seems to proceed that way: The band will create songs that fit the earlier British Invasion, and then they’ll create other tracks that would fit with bands that are currently creating music over in England. The combination of the two styles create an interesting contrast and keep the listener interested in what direction the band will take with the next song on the album.

While the vast majority of the music on the self-titled album from The Kavanaghs incorporate the various eras of music when British bands were largely present, there is one song that is contained within the album that does not fall into the pattern. That one song is “Cat in Town” which is a track that sounds more like a combination of The Beatles and Stray Cats than anything from the British Invasion. The lone track that doesn’t feature a straight-out British influence gives the listener an idea of what else is influencing the members of the band.

The Kavanaghs is one band where the band members truly wear their musical influences on their sleeves. Whether playing songs in the style of the first British Invasion or the current British Style, the Argentinean band of The Kavanaghs has created an album of music that fans of either style should really enjoy.


To find out more about The Kavanaghs and their music, check out the band’s website at  You can also find the band on MySpace at Also check out the website for the record label at

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