CD Review: Doris Brendel “The Last Adventure”

You know how it is in life, when we have a problem which we struggle to get a grip with or comprehend, we usually talk it through with a friend and get the perspective of another mind on the subject matter. This generally helps us understand by giving us another angle from which to view things, therefore expanding our viewpoint and enhancing the overall picture. Also, we all know and love the feeling that we get as we come across a new sound and discover a new band or artist. That incredible buzz as our synapses spring into life, awakening all of our senses.

Well, back in March, I wrote a feature on Doris Brendel and a couple of months after this I was sent a promotional copy of her forthcoming album, The Last Adventure, which will be released November 11. Up until this point I had listened to clips from each of the songs on The last Adventure, which are all on Doris Brendel’s website.  From this I had a fairly accurate idea of what to expect, but in all honesty, when the CD arrived and I played it for the first time boy, was I ever knocked for six. Some while on from this, that initial feeling has not changed one bit. On many occasions I have had guests in my home and during conversation I simply press play to set The Last Adventure going. On each occasion after several minutes of unrelated conversation my guests pause to look towards the CD player, they then completely forget the original subject matter and ask me many questions about what is being played. This album is a real stunner and engages the undivided attention of anybody who hears it, irrespective of their taste in music. Continue reading