Scotland’s ‘Kick to Kill’ Survive Tragedy and Show Some Love for Old Punk Fans, Japan and Hate on the Hypothetical Island Album Question

kick to kill 1Glasgow-based Kick to Kill is truly an unstoppable, indestructible band that is being engulfed by excited hype as it sets the stage for the reveal of its addictive, dark, and simultaneously beautiful, rock sound.

The Scottish four-piece, which formed in 2007, has gone through some significant career and life-changing turbulences in its relatively short existence. Days after the debut single, Quit Tomorrow, was launched, Kick to Kill began to fall apart and was soon left with no bass player. Finding the perfect candidate and finalizing their line up – Dave Cook (Vocals/Synth), Harris Hill (Synth), Lewis Macaulay (Drums) and Ewan Shearer (Bass) – they began recording new tracks, and that’s when the next unforeseen event shook the band. This time though, it was more traumatic. Frontman Dave Cook was attacked on the streets of Glasgow and stabbed four times in the head and chest. Barely, but thankfully, avoiding a punctured lung, the relentless Cook showed the utmost determination and perseverance when he discharged himself the next morning and was quoted as simply saying, “It doesn’t hurt.”

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