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CD Review: Third Bullet – Revelations

This is a phenomenal debut album from this band based in Birmingham UK.

The band members are James Harbridge on vocals and guitar, Stephen Busby on bass and vocals and Matthew Challoner on the drums and vocals/shouting. These three guys combined make an explosive cocktail of hard edged bad assed rock’n’roll that is delivered like an airstrike. You could say that this band have been endorsed by Harley Davidson, check this link

Third Bullet are yet another band that confirms my belief and love of independent and unsigned music. They have a style that resembles nothing more than themselves, truly incomparable and completely addictive.
Third Bullet Revelations pic here

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A Year in Review – RRR Staff Weigh In On Their Top Picks of ‘09 – Part 2

grammyIt’s finally here! The second half of our “A Year in Review” extravaganza is ready for you to peruse and, hopefully, enjoy. We’re serving up more great albums and fabulous artists and I finally get in on the action by counting down the best songs of the year (with some slight cheating.) For those of you who missed Part 1 (shame on you) I’d just like to repeat: Thank you for making RRR a regular part of your musical intake. (Please don’t leave us in 2010, we love you!)

In Part 2 you’ll find:
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Top 10 UK Acts of ’09 – Intense Nick
Top 17 Albums & Top 5 Reissues of ’09 – Scott Homewood

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