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Spotlight on Kikamora with interview

The amazingly colourful, ever expansive and absolutely thrilling world of unsigned and independent bands and artists is an absolutely fantastic place. One never needs to look too hard before something jumps out and grabs your attention. One downside of this is that occasionally, especially from my point of view, is that you can easily miss what joys may be right under nose.

What this is leading to is another band that I am compelled and thrilled to highlight here. Named after a mythical Norwegian house witch, Kikamora are inconceivably radiant. While I was happily engrossed perusing new pastures and horizons I managed to overlook a phenomenal band who have surfaced in my region during this year. Fortunately for me, Jimi from this band recently got in contact requesting me to check them out.

Kikamora #2

I am truly grateful to Jimi for this as from just a few seconds into Kikamora’s video for their song ‘Old Rosie’ I was and am deeply hooked!

I am feeling slightly embarrassed as this red hot band are based not far from my home!

My next port of call was Kikamora’s Soundcloud page where I found a great selection of rock solid hard rock and blues tracks starting with a few stunning and alluring live acoustic numbers.

I highly recommend that every fan of rock, hard rock and blues check out Kikamora, this band have got more than enough talent and style to go a very long way.

I have recently had a little a chat with Jimi from the band to expand our insight into Kikamora

Nick – I have found most of the info on Kikamora in a great little article in the Clevedon Mercury written by Mark Cardwell. Do you have any plans to set up an official website for the band?

Jimi – Well the thing is as far as the band goes we are still very much in our infancy. Although we are all accomplished musicians who have played together in many other projects we only officially started the band as a hard rock outfit at the start of 2015. We have been very busy this year writing and recording so we have some material to get us out there. An official website is definitely something on the list of things lined up to do.

Nick – Who does what in the band, it is easy to see who plays what but who is the main lyricist, who is acts as manager and who does or where do you go for production etc?

Jimi – Lyrics have always been done by Wilf… He is a very good writer and works hard on it while the rest of us build up the bones of a track. As far as managing goes I book most of the gigs we do and everyone chips on on merch, design of posters and tickets etc. We went to a place in Weston Super Mare called the emarty academy to record our first four tracks but it closed down shortly after

Nick – It is obvious that you are all experienced and accomplished musicians, it is clearly heard. Do any of you have any other musical background or training?

Jimi – No, none of us. I had guitar lessons for a year when I was fifteen. Wilf (vocals) also plays guitar bass… and a bit of piano but don’t think he has ever had any training

Nick – That’s cool, after all Ozzy once stated that his training was as a horn tester for British Leyland! What inspires your songs?

Jimi – We all love classic rock it’s something me and the bassist Alex( bassist) grew up listening too. My dad took me to see Sabbath when I was 9 in 97 and me and Alex went to see them again with our dad’s on the last supper tour in 2002. We just love classic rock so I guess the inspiration is already there inside us haha. We just have to pick up our instruments and let it out hahaha. We all get together and play and the songs just come from there. I think a lot of Wilf lyrics tend to be from life experiences and things that grind his gears.

Nick – You have kindly sent me a wicked pair of tracks which are going to be in the playlist of my next Mixcloud show, are you able to give us an idea of when your first EP or album may be ready?

Jimi – We are hoping to get more recording done before the end of this year. The tracks we have done our purely for fans to have something to check out.

Nick – Which platforms/websites are you most likely to use?

Jimi – We are looking to get the website up before an official release, hopefully that the site will be ready by late November.

Nick – What have been your highs and lows in 2015 and what are your hopes and dreams for the future of Kikamora?

Jimi – A high has been recording our first tracks which although was quite a stressful process but it came out really good. I would love to get on some festivals and release a full length album by the end of 2016 songs and material isn’t an issue, it’s just money and time as we all have full time jobs which are a necessity but this does restrict our time working together as a band.

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An Introduction to Black Hearted Riders

Black Hearted Riders
are a fantastic new band who have an EP titled Northern Lights which should be set for release in the summer of 2015. This is a stunning set of four songs each of which has a strong hint of a ‘western music soundtrack’ about them. The synthesis of this with an extensively atmospheric rock sound creates a magnificently sweepingly scintillating soundscape.

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Charlton Lane shows us the good stuff as we Get Off The Good Foot with him

Charlton Lane is an artist based in South West UK and is set to release the ten track album Get Off The Good Foot on the 23rd March 2015 through Weiner/Burger Records, iTunes and also Bandcamp. There are only one hundred copies available on a high bias, high quality cassette which comes with unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp App plus high quality downloads in various formats.

This great release is a highly enjoyable listen as it combines an electro pop style back beat overlaid with traditional rock’n’roll style guitar and vox. Charlton describes his style as electro kraut blues so this combination of descriptions should give you a fair idea of what to expect.

During 2014 Charlton Lane released the singles “Butcher Man Blues” and “Good Stuff”. Both of these superb tracks are in the album Get Off The Good Foot, which is a highly enjoyable and addictive listen. “Good Stuff” starts the album and hooks you in as it gets your feet tapping sweetly before you slip into “Tight Pants”. This leads onto ‘Crazy’ which adds a sweet fever to the Tracklist. “Butcher Man Blues’ slows the pace slightly while adding more of a blues element to this album. I can assure you that this track, just like all of the tracks but especially this one is a very passionate track which comes straight from the heart.

“Work It Out” is another very bluesy number which leads to “Yeah Yeah C’mon” which is far more electro kraut rock’n’roll. “No More” is a slightly melancholic number which leads into “Burn The Rubber”. As the title implies this track picks up the pace very nicely once again and leads onto “Charlton Lane Blues”. This bluesy number slows the pace whilst adding some harmonica into the mix just before the final track “Get Your Kicks (On The A46)” starts up. This tune is a smoulderingly good track which, in a respectful ‘tongue in cheek’ fashion is very reminiscent of the Stones track.

To sum it up, Get Off The Good Foot from Charlton Lane is a true gem and a highly enjoyable listen which is well worth checking out. 8/10

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Throw The Goat

If you want to get your band noticed then choosing a good band name is one of the first and most crucial things to do. I recently came across a band called Throw The Goat and the simple absurdity of this name got my attention, let alone the mental imagery which it gave! Throw The Goat are based in Idyllwild, California and are still a young band having just formed in June 2011. The band members are Michael Schnalzer a.k.a. “Barba Rojo” on Bass and Lead Vox,
Johnny Wilson a.k.a. “Johnny Trash” is on Rhythm Guitar and Vox,
Brian Parnell a.k.a. “Puke” provides Lead Guitar and Vox,
Tim Olivier a.k.a. “Señor Queso” is the man on the drums.

Throw the Goat

All of these guys have been friends for a long time and Parnell, Schanlzer, and Wilson  are the main songwriters who also happen to be room mates. The sound which Throw The Goat have created is an outstandingly explosive mixture of metal and rock with a dose of punk which makes it all the more incendiary. The band released their debut album Black Mountain in September 2012 and this is just so riotous and addictive, it is a powerful party mix of songs which are ass kickingly compelling.  The first three songs, ‘Southeast Bound’, ‘Too Late’ and ‘Last Call’ are all full throttle assaults which could easily get you pogo-ing around in the mosh pit. These are a wonderful intro to the rest of the album which is a stunning collection of hard hitting dirty stoner rock packed full of attitude and delivered with a healthy heap of power. Ending with a party track called ‘Having A Beer’ Black Mountain is a stunning debut album, 9/10.

You can check out the bands main website HERE

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The Tuesday Club

As we all know Rock’n’roll comes in many forms and here at the Rockandrollreport we are bringing you a good variety of styles. One band which has recently gained our attention is The Tuesday Club form Warmington On Sea in the UK. It just so happens that the much loved British sit com Dads Army was set in this town. Since the bands formation in 2011 they have already been described as ‘the Dads Army of spacerock’.

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Have you been Limozined?

LimozinedThere is a mountain of incredible music out there that deserves to be covered but while I was surfing around for breakfast this morning I managed to find this new release from one of my favourite bands who I have covered on site here before. There are bands that have it, there are bands that come close as they have it but don’t quite use it to the full, and there are bands like Limozine who have it, know just what to do with it and man they really do hit out with it. Limozine are a full blown garage rock’n’roll band who are most definitely inspired by The Cramps, The Ramones and The Stooges. What more does one need anyway?

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Introducing Bite The Buffalo

Bite the Buffalo

Bite The Buffalo are a band based in Bath, England who have really made a substantial mark on the international music scene in a very short time.

They formed a relatively short while ago in 2010 when two brothers, Stos and Miti really did find their mojo. The pair moved to the UK a few years back to pursue their musical career, which has been a great success, initially with i Am BODHi but since 2010 when the brothers worked together to form Bite The Buffalo. The brothers called Stos and Miti have picked up a lot of pace, and yes this pair truly have found their mojo are not afraid to use it.

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The Transpersonals

9d4da3d1ecb315c8b43be5f90a1165c3.wix_mp_1024If you’re a fan of 60’s influenced psychedelic and garagey music, look no further than Bristol based band The Transpersonals.

This unique and talented 3 piece manage to blend retro jam band influences with a thoroughly modern lyrical sensibility. Their songs reference recent popular culture and politics sprinkled over eastern-tinged rocking tunes. The band admit to preferring the environment of the studio and the experimentation this allows them to performing live; consequently their gigs are a bit of a rare treat.

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An introduction to The Tuesday Club

The Tuesday Club are hailing from Warmington On Sea on the South East coast of the UK.With a mere handful of gigs under their belts The Tuesday club could accurately be described as a new band, this however is a huge anomaly! Born at various junctures between 1957 and 1984, the actual age range and experience encased within this mysterious 8 piece, would put many of today’s more established reformers to shame. Reaction to their debut Dolly Dynamite this summer was huge. From widespread critical acclaim to Q Radio plat the music media were pretty much on board the good ship Tuesday Club.

“A cheeky little tune” Q Radio

“If you want music with a bit of a spark, a ton of swagger and a heap of fun I suggest you join me in signing up to The Tuesday Club” Rhythm & Booze

“This is clever while staying absolutely exuberant, and The Tuesday Club are one of the most exciting acts I’ve heard all year.” AAA Music

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Nasty Little Lonely (formerly Rock In Your Pocket)

The good city of Bristol and the whole South West region in the UK has a thriving music scene, the city of Bristol is packed with so many good music venues covering all styles and genres. And then there are the bands. One band band called Rock In Your Pocket was formed in Bristol back in 2009 and they caught my attention very quickly when I found their initial two songs ‘Ugly Face Of Rage’ and ‘Le Son De L’argent (Dirty Hands)’ online. Both of these songs have such a strong fusion of styles which entrapped my enthusiasm for this band. ‘Ugly Face Of Rage’ gels to form a plastic/elastic explosively punked up song. ‘Dirty Hands’ has also been used on the band’s debut album Gutterdub. Nasty Little Lonely are beyond pigeonholing into any specific genre or comparison but they are erogenously eclectic as they mix the power of punk and grunge into a flux with a dash of dub and a light spicing of guitar psychedelia.

Nasty Little Lonely