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Jacques Labouchere’s latest album title, Bi-Polar Baby Strollers, may just sum him up to a tee

“Love”, “emotion” and “feeling” are words that can best sum up Jacques Labouchere’s new album, Bi-Polar Baby Strollers, which was released this past summer. Labouchere is a captivating artist who has had the chance to live in three different countries and each has in fact become synonymous with a specific stage in his life. The U.S. was a place of experimentation, the U.K. is where he rebelled and Sweden is where he has found peacefulness and happiness. His new album is a reflection of his life, which is now filled with happiness, thanks particularly to his baby daughter. As I write this review, I’m watching the official video for his track “2nd Long Street,” which is the perfect reflection of what his music is about: friends and family spending quality time together. The 10-track album is worth listening to as the rhythm, vocals and lyrics are all in harmony with one another.

Q: Your album is very well harmonized. For instance, “Dear Dr.” is a very instrumental piece with a solo piano playing, so when writing songs, which comes easier to you – composing the music or composing the lyrics?

A: Harmonized – Wow, thanks! That’s a first! Well, “Dear Dr.” is not really just a solo instrumental piece, if you listen closely in the background you will hear some synth sounds pinging and also, more audible, there is cello beginning from the start of the first chorus thorughout ’till the end of the song. The music or the melody usually comes to me first from built up emotions and are then qucikly released and followed by a lyrical rhythm of mumbled words ’till I feel where to place them naturally. The content of the lyrics takes form as I continue to play the melody over and over and over again, while concentrating on things that are on my mind and in my heart. Songwriting for me is, most of the time, not a lenghty process, nor do I like it to be. I feel like, if you spend too much time thinking about a song and its message, you tend to miss out on the feeling of the song and the honesty of its story. I think that most of the best songs I have written have been written in the course of a few hours. I think the most challenging part of songwriting is the arranging; where to put the bridge or chorus, where to repeat or not repeat your lyrics. All in all, songwriting is meditation to me and medication for my soul and body – it comes to me without thinking about composition. It’s not a thought process, but a mirror to my emotions in space and time.

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Rock and Roll is Alive! Part 1 – An Alive Records Natural Sound’s Round-Up

Let me tell you, I get a decent bit of music in the mail thanks to this gig right here and although every day brings a package with a little bit of melodic lovin’ inside, there are days where the bounty is just so fucking cool it makes me glad I decided to become a music writer. The day I received this fat package of music from the Alive label was one of those great days.

Alive is one of the few labels left which is dedicated to keeping rock and roll…ahem…alive in many ways, but most importantly in spirit. The label is a throwback to the days when substance meant more than anything else and sticking by your bands while they grew and matured was more important than milking them for one monster hit. I mean, while I am sure Alive would love to sell a ton of records and have a huge fat hit on their hands, they seem incredibly loyal to their bands and are nurturing their roster as each band builds their own reps and fan-bases which will eventually help the label as a whole. As it is, the label has one of the best young rosters out there and will soon be able to compete with any other label out there is the discs contained in this package is any clue. Since they sent me so many wonderful releases, I am splitting this article into two parts so I don’t hit you with too much good stuff at one time.