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Voodoo Johnson tick all of the boxes, while adding a few more, with their music and live shows

Back in late August of last year Voodoo Johnson released their debut album 10,000 Horses. I have been enjoying this album an awful lot ever since getting my sticky mitts on a copy a short while ago. The heavily rocking tunes that VJ has always produced have been an aural addiction of mine from the first time that I came across them on MySpace just over two years ago, so I had been looking forwards to hearing this for some time. At times like this, I often find that in the anticipation during the wait, your imagination can often lead to disappointment once you finally get to that elusive first listen.

This was not the case with 10,000 Horses. The opening track ‘Headstone’ detonates this cluster bomb of solidly rocking tunes and nails you down, demanding your attention. It takes no prisoners from the start, as it begins with a volley of guitar, bass and drums leading into the vocals. It has a true rebellious edge. ‘Sin’ is just as hard edged and leads onto ‘Feel Karma,’ which  just tops this opening trio of tracks, as it kicks out with an unstoppable vengeance.


Voodoo Johnson perservere and hit the road with Europe

We all know that nothing comes easy in this world. In the music business, this is exaggerated and taken to the extreme on many occasions for so many bands. The most recent example of this that I have come across is the recent situation that Voodoo Johnson have encountered.

Late in August of last year, the band released their debut album, “10,000 Horses” (and these stallions are all pure thoroughbred heavyweight beasts).  The album was produced by Romesh Dodangoda (Motorhead, Lost Prophets, Bullet for a Valentine and many more) and is an excellent piece of kick-ass, solid rock. There are eleven tracks (actually, ten plus one bonus track!) and each of these justifies the need for the entire rock world to take a listen and prepare for the voodoo that these boys do.

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Intense Nick’s Snapshot Review and Interview with Voodoo Johnson

(Ed. Note. This review was previously featured on May 27th but has been updated with an interview with the band so we present it to you again so you can get to know this great band.)vj-logo-head1

Bruce Dickinson said that ‘fans of Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin should check these guys out’. I wholeheartedly agree; in fact I would add to this my personal opinion that Voodoo Johnson are the best thing to hit the UK Rock scene since the original line up of Iron Maiden back in ‘79. They are a truly inspired balls-out full-on five piece Hard Rock band based in Birmingham, UK. They are a hot bed of all that has been and is good about Rock music, packed into the barrel nice and tightly then set off with a variety of fuse lengths. I their own inimitable way Voodoo Johnson are shaping the future of Rock already, they are currently number 27 in the unsigned charts over at or check them out at you will not be disappointed.

I have been checking out their songs and they are all brilliant, glowing examples of top Rock songwriting, production and musicianship. They have a superior grasp of driven rolling rhythms accompanied by outstandingly colourful riffs and chords. The vocals are a perfect match. It all synergises into a Rock sound second to none in a fresh style of its own. Also, very much like a great act from Australia, they have two brothers on lead and rhythm guitar. It is BRILLIANT, find out for yourself, Voodoo Johnson ROCKS! I recently had the chance to interview the boys and I have updated this post with our interview.

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Rock and Roll Report TV: Voodoo Johnson – The Longest Day I Ever Wasted

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