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Montreal’s Warm Den on the non-sexual meaning behind their name, the magic of Craigslist, tennis as inspiration, and more

“When I was in school, me and my friends would pass around a piece of paper that we would fold up while the teacher was teaching.  One person would just do a squiggly line and then pass it to someone, and they would try to turn it into something. Then they would pass it to the next guy and he would turn it into something, and then by the end, it would be a coyote on a mountain,” smiles Simon White of the band Warm Den.

Now, imagine that being an idea, a sound, or a loop and you’ve got the premise to one of Warm Den’s undeniably unique songs. Somewhere in between space rock, experimental, and avant-garde is this Montreal-based trio of inventors, musicians, or magicians. Their music is full of unpredictable twists and turns, especially in “Yi!,” giving the listener a ride to remember. I first heard this unsigned band at an intimate show and was immediately sucked in, so when we sat around a table on the terrasse of Montreal’s Casa del Popolo, I was more than excited to talk to these friendly fellows – Adam Davidson (keys, sampler, guitar, vocals), Cameron Mitchell (synth, drums, sampler) and Simon (guitar, bass, vocals) – about their music.