Take a Trip Back in Time to the Summer of Love

Admit it, you’ve always wondered just what all the fuss was about. The name is legendary- Haight-Ashbury, the “Hashbury.” San Francisco’s hippie utopia. Regardless of the fact that the area turned into a drug infested cesspool of wandering, stoned suburban kids and rock and roll hustlers, there was no doubt that the Haight-Ashbury was responsible, together with London, England for the flourishing psychedelic period that was rock and roll at the time and that musically (and socially I suppose) it resulted in some really cool stuff. Hop aboard the Rock and Roll Time Machine and take a trip back with me. The first thing is we have to get the historical perspective and so we turn to the Chronology of San Francisco Rock 1965-69 as our road map to the significant rock and roll events of the time. Another really cool site is the Digger Archives, a repository of all things related to the legendary anarchist guerilla street theater group. Our next stop is the Haight Ashbury Music and Images site so that we can get our proper bearings and know what we are looking for. What if we run into some hippy or free love prophet? How will we know who they are? Well the Who’s Who of the Haight-Ashbury Era will set us straight and prevent any embarrassing gaffs. Another great site is Colin’s Haight-Ashbury Archives, a real treasure trove of all things Hashbury. Finally, since this is 2004 everybody has to have an official homepage and the Haight Ashbury is no different so I present to you the Official Home Page of the Haight Ashbury for all your psychedelic surfing needs (and apparently European castle buying needs as well). Have a groovy trip man!