Talkin’ Bout My Generation

My friend Coolfer has posted a link to the article Pop’s Living Dead and a quick read brings out the same old tired “rock is dead” argument that I have to put up with these days. Rock died in 1979 the article proclaims so get over it. Dance, house, hip hop and techno, now this is the future of pop, something which it has decided requires “soul, funk or newness.” Now, my own biased observations are simply and humbly thus: (1) My experience with dance music is limited to a couple of headaches. My experience with rock and roll is extensive and usually results in a good time with (shock) other people that are quite often (gasp!) also young!. They dance, they scream, they have a good time. Ecstasy not required. (2) Just because it’s popular doesn’t mean that it’s good. Just ask Milli Vanilli or Vanilla Ice. (3) A failure to use computers and turntables does not equal musical progression. (4) If Rock is “dead” somebody better let The High Dials, Sloan, The Kings of Leon, The Strokes, BRMC, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Bomp Records, Orange Sky Records, Mimi La Twisteuse, Little Steven and a host of others know as they slave away at blasting out your ear drums with fine rock and roll guaranteed to please you, confuse you, excite you and delight you, no computers required. But you might have to yell over the volume of guitar amplifiers and farfisa organs to be heard ok! So rock and roll is not the new kid on the block. Who the hell cares! Do you remember when they were popular? The kids still dig it baby and you and I both know why. Let’s just keep it a secret between you and me ok. You too? Allright. Sorry bud I mean you as well. And how can I forget you. And you….And you…