TAXI’s vision of the future

Independent A&R firm TAXI figures that in the future, record labels in their present form will cease to exist. Company founder Michael Laskow says that:

"They will become more like investment banks with much lower overhead, far fewer risks, and a lot more profitability," he says. "They’re practically out of the artist development business now anyway, so it’s not much of a reach to expect that they will get out of marketing talent as well. A&R won’t be about matching the artist with the songs or producer, but more about researching an artist’s activity so they know where to place their investments. It’ll be like financial advisors who tell you which stocks to buy."

The future certainly will be different for the major labels but I think the indie labels will continue their inevitable growth as they are the only place where talent is really nurtured within their well-defined musical genres these days. Only time will tell.