Ten Questions for Rainmaker Media Group

With the music world changing, many bands and musicians are looking for different ways to get their music out to the music buying public. The most obvious approach is to send your music out to as many different music labels as possible and hope that one of those labels will pick up the music and distribute the music for everyone to find and follow. But when that doesn’t work, the next thing to do is to go a different route.

In the past, groups and individual musicians would take their music and create their own albums. With the album complete, their next move would have been to promote the album and get people to notice the release on their own. In today’s world, this is time consuming and it takes too much money.

In the long run, it really may not be worth the trouble to go the D.I.Y. route for the independent artist or band in today’s music world. The next route to take is to find a promoter or public relations (PR) firm that will do the work for you and get back to running your band or solo career. If you are interested in finding a PR firm, there are many to choose from.

One of the best PR firms out there right now is The Rainmaker Media Group. What follows is a series of ten questions asked to Rhonda Brilliant of The Rainmaker Media Group.

1 When did The Rainmaker Media Group begin? It started by pure accident in 1996 while I was trying to find a publicist for my new tv show on the ABC affiliate here in Boston, Ma.

2 How did The Rainmaker Media Group come to be? For the pilot of my show titled EDGETV..I wanted everyone to know that I had Steven Tyler ( opening up Mama Kin Club) and Harry Connick Jr as well as The Cranberries…I tried to hire someone to promote the show and couldn’t find anyone to do it, so I ended up doing it myself. I was so successful at it that local bands started to call me and ask me if I would help promote their bands. It turned into a business and we went from working Boston area artists to NYC and national artists within a few years. About 8 years ago we started taking on European and Australian artists and today we have artists from all over the world. I never ever sought out being a publicist. I just fell into it.

3 How many business associates for The Rainmaker Media Group are involved with providing Public Relations for your clients? Well, I have two full time assistants that help me with pitches for my clients. I have another part time assistant that just updates and keeps our database fresh and I have another that does the actual mailings. I also have two writers that sweat out the Press Releases and Bio’s for us.

4 Describe the basic business concept of The Rainmaker Media Group (What do you provide for your clients as far as PR is concerned? How long are your campaigns for your clients and what does that consist of?) Once I decided to actually start the company..I decided that I would concentrate on the unsigned artist..the musician/band that wasn’t on a label. They were the ones that really needed the help of a good publicist. Back in 1996..there was no indie revolution going was still all about getting a label deal. But, I really felt that this was a niche that I could service well.

I also wanted to make my indie campaigns affordable. So, we created a no nonsense..extremely effective and cost efficient agency. Hence, The Rainmaker Media Group was born.

5 What separates The Rainmaker Media Group from other PR firms currently doing business in the U.S? There are so many types of agents out there from Rogers & Cowan, Susan Blonde, Grubman PR & MSP PR to the smaller localized publicists, cyper and Internet-only and DIY Specialists. I would say that because we are one of the oldest and most experienced

“Indie Publicists” in the country..that it is a good bet that we know what we are doing.

We also do NOT take on everybody that approaches us or submits music to us. If we have decided to add you to our roster it is because we think we can help you.

6 What is your coverage area for your campaigns? Do you cover only certain areas, or are your campaigns mainly worldwide? While we work with bands and musicians from all over the world now…we work only the press in The USA.

7 Are you currently accepting new clients? Yes, we have an opening for a July release and one for September.

8 What do you look for when accepting new clients? Three things, with the last actually being the most important one: First, the I like it..does my team like it? Secondly, is it marketable..can I sell it? Thirdly, do I like them as people? My job is hard enough…we get paid …. but there is a lot that goes into taking on an unsigned artist… Do I really want to hang out and spend time with this artist?? The funniest thing for me is when I have a band set up a conference call to interview me or I have a band member call to see if I am a good fit? Because in reality…I am actually interviewing them.

9 Who would be some of your most notable and successful clients, either currently or in the past? OMG! I have worked over 1200 bands! C’mon.

10 If someone is interested in learning more about The Rainmaker Media Group, how does someone get in touch with you? Where would someone go to find out more about the company? My website is here with all the info: